Monday, December 28, 2009

bring it on 2010~

Ok, 2008 goodby weight, 2009 toning up fine
that is until shoulder surgery a week before
St. Nick's visit..........ouch is the operative word!

First P.T. tomorrow, which I'm told is not too
painful, ??????????? ouch

On Percocet, Christmas Eve was great!! Everyone
pitched in and we had a wonderful lasagna dinner at
Amy & Austin's home. I missed being able to hold
and hug as I like to, it was more of a one-armed bandit

I have amazing kids & grand-kids, totally not being
prejudice, right?...........They are so good to me and
so sweet!

My New Year's resolution is to be continually grateful
for the good health I have always been blessed with
and to use that blessing to help others!!

Six to eight weeks from now - Watch out world
Sheila's back! ( smile )

Happy New Year to all!!!
I love you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~Pearl's sibling is coming.....

I won't spoil the surprise, but I know who is joining the Kelly/Stacey/Pearl family in May!!!?
They found out yesterday and It's so exciting to know that this sweet little person is coming! Now as soon as they pick out a name, I can start calling my newest grandchild by its proper name!

only a little over five months from now~~~ yippee..........

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th - twice blessed!

Amy Jewkes became Mrs. Austin Lindsey on this date! hAPPY aNNIVERSARY TO THE LINDSEY COUPLE!!!! You are raising a beautiful family and I pray always the Lord will continue to bless your efforts! What I remember most is that Amy was so excited to become Austin's bride, she forgot her flowers!... but it didn't make any difference, they both had eyes only for each other that December night!

...............Remember "Love Never Melts"!!!

Happy Anniversary you two! love you so much~~

December 14th is also the day Brooke was born! Gosh, she was so little when she was born and went through RSV just two months we all prayed so hard for her to recover! Tonight I watched as she danced her heart out at her Christmas Dance Recital. You did great Brooke! all eyes were on your lovely smile and wow!!! You have really grown as a dancer little girl!!! your technique was amazing!

Happy Happy Birthday sweet Brooke, your heart is special and you are a beautiful 10 year old inside and out!
loveya, Gram

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Britney Boo - November 29th!! & Kobe December 1st

Britney turns nine on November 29th! I can well remember the tiny little baby girl Jason wouldn't let go of when she arrived~~We'll celebrate with her cousin Kobe this Friday night. Jill will feel more like celebrating with a few more days under her belt!

Britney you have been such a sweet and brave little girl~ when you had that terrible bone infection, nothing kept you down long, riding your bike with your IV attached used to get lots of stares~~You are an awesome soccer player - you help your mom so much with the "brothers" ~ You have a tender maternal love for all little babies, I know you will enjoy someday to be a mommy yourself! I'm so proud of you and the wonderful grades you make at school, I love to hear you read and sing, you have perfect pitch! You have such a great ability to fix your hair since you were quite small and your beautiful beautiful face when you smile, it lights up the room! Keep doing it! Be positive~~ Your Parents and Heavenly Father and your Savior, Jesus love you with a perfect love and want you to be happy all your life. They will always be near you if you talk to them with your problems.

Now my little tow head Kobe, Happy Birthday big guy! ... You were our little Norwegian baby when you were born, very very handsome! It was so fun to watch you play football this year! You are a leader and I know you will continue to choose the right in all that you do. I love to watch you wrestle with you big brother and I love the way you treat your mom with big hugs! Thank you for making thanksgiving so wonderful with your special prayer for all of us. We're going to party hardy this Friday night! We will all make sure you have a lot of your favorite there ~ CAKE! ~

Keep reading your scriptures, do well in school and learning everything to make you a great missionary one day! I love you!

Gram J.

Monday, November 30, 2009

~Thanksgiving 2009

What a delicious meal it was! Cory carved two turkeys!! Jen had the most delicious rolls on hand, Stacey brought a wonderful Southern Style cream cheese/spicy hot jelly dip that was to die for ~ and Amy brought her traditional squash casserole and raspberry jello we all love! Brooke helped me cut up onions and celery for the dressing and Jen, Brooke and I peeled ten pounds of potatoes! Mom brought a yummy green bean casserole and We had delicious gravy and doubled the recipe for pumpkin pies~~yes it was huge, I made eight!!

The Horton kids helped grandma make pilgrim hats for each place ( all edible!) and Jenny had three tables set up so beautifully!

I really like Thanksgiving and I even like the cooking part! If I had to feed that many people every day, for sure I can see some wisdom in polygamy ....many hands make work light! ( smile )
Afterwards Grandma and Great-grandma with Brooke and Britney's help watched the little tykes while the two oldest grandsons and their folks along with Uncle Kelly & Aunt Stacey got to go and see a great movie THE BLIND SIDE! the true story of Michael Oher, who plays on the NFL Raven's. Mom and I had each seen it and highly recommended it!

While they were gone, Brooke and Britney got Emma, Kate, Kelsey & Pearl dancing and jiving. What a sight, had me in stitches. Devin helped me peel Clementine's and Derek collapsed on the couch for his thanksgiving nap. Maegan didn't want any part of it, she had her private screening of movies upstairs!

We missed Jill, she was in the hospital fresh from surgery the day before. Jay dropped by for a bite but went back to be with her later that evening.

I talked to Troy that night and he said they invited a non-member family over for Thanksgiving, had a wonderful time, gave them a Book of Mormon and answered some interesting questions they had about the church. All in all, it was a wonderful day! How I love this family of mine~ They are the best!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~ 365 days old ~

Happy Birthday Michael ( MOOSE) Jewkes!!

You are one year old today ~ and watch out for all the little one year old girls, because they will be after you since you are soooooooooooo cute!!

It hardly seems possible that a year ago Troy & Cherlyn welcomed their second son, joining Kaylee and TJ into their family! I remember when I saw him just a few weeks old last year, what a beautiful baby~ and now as a Toddler, he is just "delicious" as Aunt Amy put it!


have a wonderful day!! ly, gram

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

~Preparing for Turkey Day~

Thanksgiving will be at Jenny's this year! Her first official family Thanksgiving Dinner~~I'm so excited to cook with her and Brooke the day before, we are going to make her home smell "fresh & fabulous" ( that is for you, Mason.....)

I love Thanksgiving - it is one of my favorite holidays~~food, football for the guys and Christmas lists beginning, anticipating getting Christmas decorations out, etc...........did I mention pumpkin pie? I think in my childhood I must have had a wonderful memory with pumpkin pie and whip cream because like Pavlov's dogs........I begin salivating just looking at a slice in a picture! ( smile )

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving - enjoy your food and fun but most of all enjoy and count as the best blessing........FAMILY!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween with a capital H!

Halloween was Happy!!

See my cute littlest tricker/treaters!!! Tinker Bell-Kelsey and "Soft" Bride-Pearl
these two little gals were so thrilled with everything happening Halloween night. They were just precious little angels, smiling and dancing around all the big kids and their costumes!

We enjoyed Amy's delicious soup, Jill's yummy pumpkin squares and then on to the Sugar-High and trick or treating!

I went as a grandma who didn't listen to that little voice saying "get your stool" and instead jumped up on the edge of the bathtub to hang a new shower curtain and knowing she wasn't balanced FELL!! (we're awaiting MRI results to see what damage the shoulder received)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~First Snow!

I'm at my computer, writing a letter to a company who is interested in leasing some property in New York for oil/gas exploration................when suddenly someone walks by and says, "Have you looked outside?".....................and I'm transported to my childhood days at Bellview Elementary - ....yippee first snow!

I don't think adults are supposed to get excited about the first snow day, because we don't get off work for it, and we have to drive in it, but it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I'm sure I will get tired of it in time, but for today, it is beautiful fluffs swirling around a 12th floor window view! ~ I hope we all keep that inner child wonder at the change of seasons!

Christmas is in 8 weeks!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~Health Fair~

Church Employees have an annual health fair when we get to see how we are treating our bodies (smile) I really think it is to soften the blow with bad news about annual health insurance premiums going up! There are always a lot of little freebies, chapstick, key rings, pens, anything vendors are selling that they can put a logo on! Booths set up to test your vision, test your hearing, test your blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. When I compare some of the results I received today from eighteen months ago - I am a very happy camper! ok for posterity, blood pressure 96/50, glucose 89, cholesterol 192 ~~all in very desirable range!

It's really true, as you get older, health matters more! But it is kind of like overload sometimes, anti-oxidants, vitamins, exercise, water, and what is 8 hours of sleep? I haven't had that since 1973! ( smile ) oh well we all try~~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blanchard Family eats at Lorena's

Jen has some great shots on her blog of all of us going Mexican at "La"! Troy's favorite restaurant when he is in Utah! It was so fun to see Troy, Cherlyn, Kaylee, TJ & Michael! What a precious family they are~~

Troy made sure he ate there coming and going ~ he would like me to find a way to send him a smothered burrito by FEDEX ~~ we're still working on it!

hoping to get up there after the snow begins to melt in 2010~ there is an amazing beauty and peacefulness at Stoneridge. I forget all about stress from work when I'm there! TJ sang me the 50 states song without a hitch, Kaylee is loving her new school and first grade and Michael, well Michael is gorgeous, delicious and yummy!!! you get lost in those big blue eyes of his! Cherlyn and Troy have their hands full with these three but it is a good time in their lives!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~Austin's garden....

It's half way through October and I'm enjoying Lindsey tomatoes breakfast, lunch, dinner!!! I love home grown tomatoes, there is a taste, well that Albertsons' just can't match ever!!!

I love them sliced with scrambled eggs, in a salad with with balsamic & oil dressing and bacon/tomato sandwiches are to die for!! ... not to mention pizza goes to a whole different level with fresh sliced tomatoes on top!

So here goes a shout out to ole' Austin, he stuck with his garden plan going on a decade now and it has paid off. Tomatoes are delicious.....has anyone seen the home-grown GIANT pumpkins decorating their front porch? you have to maneuver around them to knock on the door!

He's definitely Mr. Green Jeans this year!!! thanks for the wonderful produce son-in-law!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~~Happy Birthday to Kelly~~

Well 26 years ago this guy made his appearance into the world!!
He was loved and oogled by his big brother and three sisters~~oh
did I mentioned probably spoiled as well! ~~

As people speak about the number of things they like about
a particular person, I think I will take liberty and mention at least
a few memories or traits Kelly has that I love about him!

1) His laugh: he usually teases you with such good nature, that
when he laughs, you do too!
2) His Testimony of the Gospel: Reading Kelly's letters when he
served a mission was like a special gift to the soul...He grew and
helped you see the Gospel as such a simple plan of joy, nothing less.
3) His love for Stacey & Pearl: Two brown-eyed girls in his
life mean everything to him! He lights up when they come into
the room!
4) His passion for BYU football, basketball and other sports
in that order...
5) His hard work and positive attitude never cease to impress me!
6) His level-thinking and helping me among others to "calm down and
take a breath, mom...."
7) His sincere, genuine interest in great books, great thoughts help to elevate
anyone he talks to.

1) My memories include a spiky-haired toddler in penguin pajamas carrying his bottle
in his teeth, deciding with whom in the house he will sleep tonight.
2) Terrorizing household cats
3) Riding down the hill fearlessly on big wheels with Danny Olsen
4) Dragging 2 x 4 lumber up the hill to add to the growing tree house with Danny Olsen
5) imitating the squeaky dryer
6) finding all my soda pop hiding places
7) first target practice hitting the Tracker windshield
8) his buddies eating pizza and fast foot downstairs in our Condo
9) getting me laughing in church
10) school dances, he was so cute!
11) His patriarchal blessing - amazing
12) Opening his mission call with all of his friends
13) Seeing him come down the escalator after two years!!
14) His love story with Stacey
15) Going to Lorena's
16) his face when Pearl was born
17) his beautiful smile and white teeth!
18) Calling me up at work, pretending to be someone else and then when I fall for it - hilarious laughter!!!

Happy Birthday Kelly, I'm so happy you are my son!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ten years for J & J

Well Mr. & Mrs. King~~a full decade now - wow three beautiful kids and new carpeting to boot ! ( smile )

Happy Anniversary Jason & Jill ~ heard you did the "Sarah Palin" thing tonight to celebrate, soccer mom & dad that you are! You've got some definite college scholarship contestants in Brit & Devin! Wow watching them play is FUN!!!~~~~~I think Derek will want something more in the line of bat-hitting and contact sports though....! ( smile )

Devin turned 6 last Friday, September 18th and did a bowling party with buddies~~Devin is one neat guy ~ He has such a loving heart for everyone, especially Mesa ( his dog) and the best hugs for grandma!! It was so much fun to watch him play the other day, whenever he gets a pass, watch out, he leaves the pack behind and usually scores! He's faster with his feet than "Pele'" ok, dating myself again, now I guess it's "Beckham" !

Brit is on a Soccer Comp-team and will play in the President's Cup in St. George in February! Her team is amazing - cutest girls on the field and they're deadly with the soccer ball!

I love you sweet King family ~ .........see, didn't I always tell you how fast the years go by! ( smile )

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Changing of the Guard~~YW Style

The YW Presidency was released today~~ wow, I have mixed feelings! I can honestly say I won't miss the work that is involved in Young Women, i.e. activities, camp, standards nights, many many projects!!! BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I will definitely miss those sweet faces and listening to them tell me things while scarfing down pizza or just hearing them giggle when we're in the car and they see a "cute" boy! That takes me back to my days of being a mom to teenage girls and it was so much fun!!! I will miss teaching them on Sundays, feeling the spirit in the room and that their spirits were acknowledging truth. That was the best!!

The funny thing is, two of the names I mentioned to the Bishopric are in!!! yep, I'm sure there was some inspiration there..............Marci Howey is the WX Basketball Coach and she will bring a new "sports" influence to our YW~ ........... she's 6 ft tall and the mother of five, three girls, two boys just like me! In fact she reminds me of myself at that age, only taller of course! ( smile ) The girls are in good hands!

but still it was teary today! One of my 2nd year beehives, beautiful red-haired green-eyed Brooke couldn't shut off the flood-gates and that kept tugging at my heart! I told Marci after class to hug her a lot!!! She's one of those girls that don't get a lot of hugs at home.......I know she'll get them from this new presidency!

Change is inevitable in the church~~I will now teach the primary children those beautiful songs!!! Should be fun, although the last time I led music, which was quite a few years ago, my arms didn't wave ! (smile) Maybe this will help tone them up!

Friday, September 11, 2009

End of Summer - 15 weeks till Christmas!

Labor Day evening we all met at the park by Pearl's house~~We had the last of the season's potato salad, pulled pork sandwiches, watermelon and delicious cookies from Stacey & Jill! I let all the kids make homemade ice cream in their own ziploc bag with ice and rock salt ~ it was fun watching them roll their COLD bags and then tasting the delicious treat~~

I love how perfect the weather is now in the evening~~All the mom's are happy school is back in session and schedules can be put back into place. Kelly & Stacey are getting excited to take Pearl to Disneyland next week ~~Troy and his family will be coming through in October which should be so much fun to see all of their family! Kids are busy with soccer, football, track and dance.

As I sat there looking at my children with their families, from grandkids Jr high age down to Kelsey and Pearl eating watermelon, I couldn't help but think how thankful I am for my family~~

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cougars beat Sooners!

I want to personally thank Oklahoma for giving my sons, Troy and Kelly a belated and early birthday present respectively.................BYU 14 ~ Oklahoma 13 !!

The "what if's" will haunt you if you ever wanted to bet? ( smile )..............someone is cleaning up on that longshot~~

It was quite an event, Jenny on the phone to her big brother in Blanchard, Kelly losing his voice in between pizza shots, Mason unable to sit still and my son-in-law Cory doing hand springs in his living room!!! I'm sure somewhere in Las Vegas, D. J. & H. B. were high-five-ing whether on the phone or in the air~~

Like Kelly said, the score doesn't do justice to how BYU dominated those Sooners, although they are pretty darn big & tough to be sure!

Little Pearl just took it all in stride, staring at grown people going a little crazy, she calmly went outside with her cousins Brit & Brooke to the tramp and told us all, "I'm going jumping"!

Now, I want to hear how Jake enjoyed this since he stands alone rooting for Big Blue in the Lindsey house!!!! Wasn't it great bud?! Bring it on Utes..............

Monday, August 31, 2009

This Youth Fireside hit it out of the park!

Last night Matt Heiss from the new Family History Library spoke at a fireside for our youth and their parents. Now in the past these Sunday night firesides are poorly attended, you know, the guys don't want to put their ties back on, the girls have changed skirts for shorts and flip-flops.............but we promised them ice cream sundaes, so with that bribe we had a good turnout.

His message was trying to tell the kids how important their journal writing and personal history was. To write it down now, while they are fresh in their minds. It was a hit, the spirit was there and the kids had so many questions when he finished. Matt is one of the few who has been asked to journey to Nigeria and the Ukraine to gather oral histories from new members joining the church. He had some stories that were absolutely spine-tingling about the Lord watching over him and his companions as well as amazing conversion stories and challenges of people living in dire circumstances and accepting the Gospel into their lives.

I'll share one of the many he told us: The Aba Temple has had to close recently because of the danger to patrons coming to the temple and attempted kidnapping and ransoms sought by dangerous gangs. He said he was there collecting oral histories and they were close to missing their flight. A Branch president and his son were driving them to the airport. The police are very bad about demanding bribery payments to let you pass through check places in this huge and crowded city. At one point they were stopped and in a four passenger car already filled with four passengers, two policeman with guns got in and told them to go back to the police station. The brave African Branch President said, "If you want to imprison me, I will go back with you but these men must make their flight". Matt said suddenly the air just changed in the car, the policeman said "give us bus fare back to where we stopped you and we'll let you go". With that they gave them the equivalent of 75 cents and they got out of the car and let them go. Matt said we were praying so hard, because they could have detained us, ruined all of our luggage and equipment, even torture in a Nigerian jail and suddenly with this Branch President's courage, the Lord intervened and softened the policeman's hearts.

Ok, just one more..............The temple in the Ukraine was under construction with lots of scaffolding surrounding it. The stake Center which was completed near it a couple of hundred yards away was hit by what they called a "microburst but it was closer to a tornado". It was so powerful that large pieces of wood were jammed into the stucco of the stake center and glass windows were exploded. But, here's the cool part......only some scaffolding was blown away on
the temple, no other damage was done!!!! We saw the slides!!! Quite amazing, the local people could not believe how it had been protected.

Anyway, a Sunday fireside well worth the effort to attend. I know I will never forget seeing his presentation and hearing his testimony and I hope those youth won't either! He left them with the words that no matter what you have to get through, rely on HIM, even the Savior of the World.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dancing with Amy

She loved to dance and while at three
She was a duck, applause to see

With tassles wagging on her hips
The Provo Stars was on her lips

Her toes wore through her ballet shoes
On snow she slipped and chipped a tooth

With fireworks she danced at night
The Osmonds came oh what a sight

She grew some more all legs and knees
Cheerleading Mueller Park with ease

The Mandonelles was now in sight
A figure comes yet still quite light

Early morning work and sweat
don't be late "The Jan" did threat

Dating, college, Marriage too
Mommy-hood with five, whew!

And now her training brings a judge
she see each kick, each turn, each nudge

And when she comes back home quite beat
her little ducklings all so sweet ...

Begin their dance for mommy's eyes
Their wiggles, giggles, make her realize,

What a lucky dancer, mom and wife
This birthday girl is blessed in life.

I love you sweet daughter, thank you for blessing my life!


Monday, August 24, 2009

~Troy's Day

Happy Birthday Troy-Boy

Are you really 31? ok, super, prime of life! young enough to golf all day and old enough to make breakfast for your three little kiddies and speaking of breakfast, lunch and dinner, you are becoming quite a chef! I always knew you would never go hungry, even when you were a little guy and we were on a trip - your stomach knew when it was high noon every time, "time to eat"!

After waking up numerous times with a 2 yr old quietly breathing and staring at me 3 inches from my face, whispering, "juice", I devised the tupperware early breakfast routine for my little son. If it was 6:00 AM, you knew your bowl or cereal was on the table, a cup of milk and cup of juice sitting in the frig. You simply poured the milk over the cereal, drank the juice and you were good to go for cartoons until the rest of the house woke up! What a survivor!

Bedknobs and Broomsticks became daily fare in our family room - with your two older sisters wailing, "please, not again"

After your dad proudly planted a slender and willowly tree in the back yard, you used your cowboy expertise in roping it, bending it over and pulling it out by the roots!~

We thought at age 4 you were still in the "big wheel" mode, but walking by the window I saw you kneeling on the sidewalk beside your sister's bike. when I asked you later what you were doing, you said, "Praying to learn to ride without training wheels". Well your prayer was answered, it wasn't long before you were speeding along, wearing out your toughskins jeans at the knees~. Sears didn't earn any money on me, since their warrantee was they would replace the jeans if the knees wore out ~ you were probably the inspiration for the company to end this guarantee a few years later!

Many summer evenings you were a blur of dust running around the baseball diamond touching the bases - you were fearless with a bat, glove, ball but in naval deep water you clung to the side of the pool! of course later post-Samoa you became a FISH! ( smile )

I remember watching SNL - "Cowbell" with you where you had me laughing so hard I barely made it to the bathroom!! And of course the night before you married your darling Cherlyn, you, Kelly and I laughed so hard about cool pillows, etc that the tears wouldn't stop!!

Family time is priceless Son, and now you have your own to make memories with! You have been blessed with so many talents and gifts, the least of which is a big and loving heart! I'm proud of you. I love you so very much~~ Happy Birthday!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

~routine brings trouble.....

Well, I walk at night and usually between 8:30 and 9:00 when it is cooler. Tonight when I got back at 9:00 I remembered I had brought in tomatoes given to me at work from a missionary and had locked my purse in the car and was going to get it to take it in the house after walking. I quickly realized it was not there and the back window of my new little car had been very deftly broken and purse gone! I know everyone says the same thing when this type of thing happens.....they could have the money that was in it, but now all the calling and driving around to replace the ID, bank cards, address book, check book, driver's license, temple recommend, insurance cards, etc! What a pain!

It is so creepy that someone would watch me walk away and then sneak over and check out if they were going to get something that didn't belong to them? The Officer thinks it was someone that might have known my routine, because most car break-ins happen between 2-4 AM he said. I felt sad that my little car had to be violated and angry at someone who wouldn't think twice about damaging and stealing another person's belongings.

Oh well, here we grow again, lesson well learned - and passing it on to others, don't leave anything in the car of value, even if you lock it, better to take it with you or lock it in the trunk. I wish some shred of compassion would come over them and they would just bring the purse back with all my identification and leave it on my doorstep, but that would really be a miracle wouldn't it?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bags were packed - then change of plans~~

August 8th, 1980......I had been in active labor since the day before, but holding on so my # 4 could be born on their dad's birthday-----back in the days before ultrasounds, it was Christmas every time in the delivery room!!! Jennifer came after just six hours in the hospital, which for me was the shortest and easiest delivery I had! My recovery was also amazingly fast and before long I was bathing my little new born baby girl in the kitchen sink with two year old Troy looking on grouchily being replaced (or so he thought) by his newest sibling! I remember having the morning sun coming through the window over the sink, onto her shiny little head thinking, "life doesn't get any better than this!"

Jennifer is what I called her until about five years ago, she then became Jenny and now Jen, funny how I was so adamant that her name was Jennifer, but she is Jen now, a friend as well as beloved daughter! Happy Birthday sweetie!!

I had my bags packed and ready to head out on a road trip Saturday night with the Horton Hurricane to drive up to Blanchard, Idaho and visit with Troy and Cherlyn and kids ~ but about 4:00 got a call that mom was in the ER in Ogden again. She was in heart failure and once again endured another angioplasty for heart stent placement. Poor thing, one more patch and more recovery. The good news is that they were able to quickly help her, but sadly, I would have to postpone my trip this time.

I will miss not getting to hold and see that darling little 9 month old Michael!! He is a clone of Troy and T.J. & Kaylee are so fun to be grandma to!! .... But "Life Happens" so maybe I'll catch a flight up later to visit in the Fall.

Have a great trip Horton's!!! Take lots of pictures!!! Troy & Cher are going to be blown away when they see how tall Mason, Brooke & Kobe are!!

Happy 29th Birthday Jen! I love you ~

Friday, August 7, 2009

August 6, Barbara jean turns 76

Happy Birthday Barb,

I hope you don't mind that your age has been revealed~~~but it is an accomplishment, mom!! and I'm so happy and proud that you are mother!

You have contributed I believe to my well being throughout my life! Your strengths to me in my life include a great sense of humor, generosity of spirit and means, graciousness to everyone you meet and your testimony that has grown so much in your "golden years". ( smile )

You also have always had a wonderful sense for fashion and my memories of good smells and tastes coming from the kitchen ~ I still cut a cucumber, throw in a sugar pinch to spaghetti sauce, use green peppers in anything I can get them into, make a beautiful red velvet layer cake, and stir my scrambled eggs with a salad fork just like I watched you do. All my life you have out-shopped me with your tiny little legs~~throwing things over the dressing room door, whew,,,,,,you were relentless at back to school sales! I learned to put on mascara watching you! I know I love being a mom because you enjoyed motherhood as well!! Thank you for all the cards and thoughts when the divorce came~~it helped more than you will ever know!

Hang in there "B" - Happy Birthday!!
ly, your oldest!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

~that new car smell~

I haven't had a new, really brand new car since 1994! So...............o...............o..................have taken the plunge and traded in the old taurus for a Toyota Yaris!!! yippee, 41 miles to the gallon on the highway~~ now am I being green or what? (smile)

Everytime I get in and see that the gas gauge has not even moved ( Kelly told me it wouldn't)....I SMILE~~

On a serious note, I am so grateful to have this dependable car to get me places!! Not afraid to leave Bountiful anymore~~who knows I may get up to West Yellowstone to touch some buffalo!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today is Stacey Lee Bubert Jewkes' birthday. July 25th!!!

Stacey is a beautiful brown-eyed brunette married to Kelly and mommie to Pearl! We love having her in our family - She adds so much with her talents and special knack for listening, really listening to you when you need that~~She makes amazing chocolate chip cookies, is a photographer extraordinaire, supplies us all with a very touching, sometimes very very funny blog to enjoy and takes the grey out of my hair periodically!!! With parents, brothers, sisters, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, nieces and nephews we send her a birthday shout today!!!!

Happy Birthday Stace--

Have a great day!!

We love you!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday night at the ballpark ~

Family Home Evening was spent watching Jake in an allstar game~~ it was a nail-biter to say the least~ West Bountiful (Jake's team) was playing Kaysville and down 14 to 7.....WB rallied back~~~last inning up to bat with bases loaded, you guessed it, mighty Jacob Lindsey! With Mom & Dad tense, Jake hit a high-flying foul ball off and knowing he had gotten a piece of it, the confidence soared and the next pitch was a long line drive out through center field~~~He brought in the winning run! WOW!!!

I'm sure Jake relived that all through his dreams !!! Ahhhhhhhhh sports, you lose some of 'em but oh how sweet when you win 'em!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

~Precious little miracle Kaylee Jean Jewkes is 6!

Happy Birthday Kaylee~~

I know you can read this ( smarty).....and I know you've heard the story before...
but let grandma remind you of how Heavenly Father blessed you when you were born
six years ago on President Hinckley's birthday June 23rd!

Your daddy called and said "She's here"!! the next morning I came up with your aunts to Idaho Falls to see you~~ You were a beautiful little brunette baby girl! so perfect and sweet!

24 hrs later you were being whisked up in the sky with your mommy by Lifeflight helicopter to Salt Lake City Primary Children's Hospital to be looked at by specialists!! Kaylee, we prayed so hard for you to get well. Your mommie, daddy, all your aunts and uncles and grandparents were asking Heavenly Father to bless you. And you know what, HE did! You were so brave to have all the tests they had to do on you with lots of needles ( ouch )! You had a wonderful doctor who operated on you. Your mommie would hold you, you received beautiful priesthood blessings and when mommie and daddy had to leave, I loved to come up to the hospital after work and be there in the evening and hold you and kiss you and pray for you to get well!

And now six years later, here you are.....a very pretty girl celebrating a birthday ~ You are so smart and love to learn anything new!!! You can memorize so many songs, poems and stories! You are a great artist~~You are a big help to your family with a new brother ~ and you are such a good example to TJ!

Guess what?..........we both have the middle name of Jean!! that makes it so special! I love you Kaylee and watch in the mail for a surprise!!

hugs & kisses, Grandma J.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day - Daddy

Some memories of "Daddy"~~
1)coming home from church and hearing him whistle or hum the closing hymn while riding in the back seat (before the days of seatbelts!)
2) pretending to be asleep after a family drive-in movie so I could get carried in~
3) eating tapioca pudding with him while watching "Bonanza" in color!!
4) working on the boat motor and waterskiing at Lake Shasta ( making me learn to waterski while I was crying and then finding out I loved it!
5) making me ride a mean mean shetland pony, getting bucked off and getting back on and finding out I loved it!
6) ironing his white cotton sunday shirts before the days of Permanent Press _ wow
7) when his back went out, watching him put a door underneath the mattress so it would be hard enough.
8) watching him pull out his own appendix stitches in horror while mom looked on, my brother and I thought it was really neat~~
9) listening to his love of missionary work, Ward Mission Leader and Full time missions in the Philippines ~ He loved picking up the missionaries from the airport!
10) unlacing his work boots when he would come home from logging in the woods!
11) his sense of humor - when he tells you something funny, he always laughs and his laugh if infectious!
12) his phone calls that always no matter what.......lift my mood and spirit!
13) His testimony of Joseph Smith ~
14) His love for the Savior of the World!

Happy Father's Day !

I'm proud to be your daughter and love you so much!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

"A Father Indeed"

Please go to UTube and see the mormon message "A Father Indeed" - get a couple of kleenexes and enjoy!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

~Chocolate Water~

OK, I am giving an unreserved endorsement to "running the rapids"!!
Pictures will follow with Stacey & Jen's help getting them onto my website~

Listen up folks~~ this was FUN, FUN, FUN! I could have gone for three more days ! although the latrines were the downside. We took our youth to Swazey rapids on the Green River, which now is called Chocolate Water during the June snow run-off and YES it is very brown!

I don't know what I was expecting, but after going down them once, it was such an exhiliration that I could hardly wait to drive up the seven miles to launch again!! We left on thursday and the weather looked ominous until we reached Price and then the heavens opened with sunshine and it was only in the 80's the rest of the day, friday and saturday. After the all day friday ( we did three trips) we had a great fireside, smores and all and when I went to bed and looked up through the tent top to see all those twinkling stars, I had the sensation of being rocked to sleep like I was still on the river. The Kids who went on a cruise a couple of years ago said that is what it feels like after you have been on the water for a while. It wasn't unpleasant, put me into a wonderful sleep! The next day after breakfast we got one more run and then broke camp. I drove a Tahoe full of candy-jazzed girls home but we listened to great CD's so it made the trip fun!

This was a great experience to be out in nature again. It just felt wonderful to enjoy the beautiful vista of the desert mesa's shooting up from the river. I could almost imagine indians sitting up there watching our every move~~ ( smile ) I miss already the sound of that rushing water going by at night.

This was definately a break that buoyed up my spirit ~ so much fun to see how the kids were enjoying themselves without cell phones, IPODS or Game Boys!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Barbara Jean - good news/bad news

The bad news is my mom suffered a second heart attack last week along with some gall bladder disease which developed into pancreatitis. Bless her heart, she had a very rough week at McKay-Dee!! They were able to do angioplasty and other procedures hopefully to help her feel better.

The good news was my only brother came from Denver with his two daughters and 13 yr old grandson and my "crazy" wonderful sister Cherylee came from Sacramento with her daughter Sara and two grandchildren. So we had a hospital reunion and a fun barbeque at Jenny and Cory's! No one can make you laugh harder then Cheryl ~ she is one of a kind! Sometimes I think, "how are we related?"


Mom is recuperating at my home and she is so sweetly trying to get better, stronger, faster!! (smile) At least now I can buy a bigger watermelon instead of the mini's because mom likes it as much as I do!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lots of Changes

Who can believe ten years ago Maegan came to share our lives!! She was born on my sister Sharon's birthday, both have beautiful brown eyes!

Her parents took her to the place she loves to go - Lake Powel for her birthday~~
Rain or shine, I'm sure she spent many happy hours bobbing in the water!!

If she knows she is going swimming at the Rec Center - Amy will be reminded on an hourly basis "daddy comes home, swimming!!"

I'm so proud of Maegan and all she does to make us better people!!
Who can really resist when she runs to you, hair flying, big smile to
give you a hug!

I don't know anyone who does a better job at walking past a gluten-filled birthday cake and enjoys just the ice cream with such gusto!!

Happy Birthday little Meg.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Katelyn is four years old~~

Happy Birthday Kate

Grandma sends you a big Hershey Kiss!!
I love you~~Have a fun McDonald's Birthday~~
See you tonight!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Heart

Paraphrasing Proverbs...."Who can find a woman (with a mother heart)? For her price is far above rubies..She..worketh willingly with her hands. With the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard..She stretcheth out her hand to the poor..Strength and honour are her clothing..She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindsness. She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness".

Happy Mother's Day to my dear mom!

And to the wonderful mothers of my precious grandchildren~~ You all do such an amazing job!

And to sweet Judy and many other women with "mother hearts" in my life that have taught me so much!

I remember all the plaster of paris hand prints, cards, noodle necklaces and broken stem flowers that I received from those I loved so much on Mother's Day. It is a great run--enjoy every minute of it!! The REWARD is seeing the love in my own grandchildren's eyes for their mommies~~

Thanks Amy, Jill, Troy, Jennifer & Kelly for letting me be your mom and for all you do for me still!!! love ya~~

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kelly & Stacey married four years!

Four years ago on May 6th, wasn’t it fun!!! The kids were having a ball going up and down the elevator at the reception, Amy was a house with Kate inside her~~which she had six days later!! My dad and Stacey’s grandpa were so cute talking about the good old days, I had my fat feet inside some sling-backs that were killing me~ but the best part was seeing Stacey and Kelly so happy! They were glowing with love for each other and now four years later share that love with their little daughter, Pearl!

It seems only yesterday in some ways that all you kids were showing Kelly how to crawl out of his crib and drop to the floor. I always found him with his bottle in his teeth, sleeping at the top of Jill’s head on her pillow. Thinking of him coming down the hill with Danny on their big wheel bikes and getting the cat out of the tree with his special brand of thinking!!!.....(smile)

We’re so happy to have Stacey in our family! We love you K & S. Happy Anniversary!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

....ho hum....

Talked to Troy - TJ got a spiderman bike this year for his birthday, dad was putting it together!!! TJ was so excited, said he and Kaylee were going to have a race, but Kaylee had a flat tire, more work for dad!! ( smile ) Grandma sent him a spiderman swim suit in keeping with the theme!

Hope your birthday was wonderful too Cherlyn~~ I remember when you had this little guy and now you have another son as well!! I might add, what in the world do you feed those kids of yours? They grow so fast!

Loved Jen's blog ~ I know she was really disappointed about Cancun, but next year at this time she will be rewarded!!! I'm happy like Kobe that she and Cory will not be exposed to the swine flu there in Mexico.

Was so much fun to get to attend Jake's Aaronic priesthood ordination on Sunday and get a picture with my two oldest grandsons! They are growing up so fast, I'm so proud of them!!!

A year ago I was walking a few blocks more each week ~~ Jill has convinced me I can start to run, but anyone with a video camera watching this 58 year old grandmother jog around the Bountiful Regional Center last friday was in for a treat!!! lots of panting, run-walking and laughing at myself!!! I think a jogging bra is definately in order!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jake Turns Twelve

Cedar City here I come to see a grandson born~
Jacob Austin Lindsey came in night and not the morn.

His dad and mom were quite surprised when finally they did see
A great big baby, barrel chest, the family now is three.

They soon took off for Big Sky place and football ruled the day
His dad was graduated, Mom was glad and Jacob liked to play!

To Woods Cross as a toddler now and sister joins the group
Jake loves to ride his bike outside and likes his mini-hoop.

His kicking skills are quite aware as Soccer comes to be
He blocks and runs and punts with head, it’s quite a sight to see

Whenever goals are made by Jake, the sidelines holler some
Then Jacob looks and grins at us and brings up that great thumb!!

School days are spent, things are learned and knees are skinned you bet
He wears out shoes and jeans are ripped, Jake’s not one to be set

His energy knows no bounds, more sisters join the ranks
His honesty and great big heart are formed, his mother thanks

He shares some special times with mom and Harry Potter reads
He weeds the garden, helping dad to pick up all the leaves

Cub Scouts, Lake Powel and cousins too, He’ll play until he drops
He likes McDonald’s, Burger King and eats until he pops!

With Grandma and his cousin Mace he bowls a 109
His laughter can be heard above the bowling alley whine!

With Uncle Kel, he’s helped to move and see a flick or two
With Uncle Troy and Mason there the golf course they did rule.

His Grandpa Bill and Dad go now to hunt with him for deer
When Dad comes home with meat for mom, I think I see a tear!

He leads his sisters four each year into the Christmas room-
Where dad and mom are camera buffs and onto him they zoom-

He plays in sports but football is his favorite of the bunch,
He throws and tackles, catches too but really loves the punch!!

Today Jake’s twelve and he will get the priesthood power rare,
Your grandma loves your honest heart, your smile and that you care.

A flashback when I first held you, I’d love to stare and sit
Happy Birthday grandson, what a day!! Enjoy it every bit~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

a funny thing happened on my way to lunch...

I was "underground" at lunch time about ten minutes after twelve. I had just come from the distribution center at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and was cutting across to go get a "sarah salad" at the Lion House. In case anyone isn't aware a whole city of tunnels and parking lots exist underneath Temple Square. I can be a mole on bad days and just walk from the office bldg to the Lion House to the SL Temple to the conference center. It's really pretty neat! Seven years ago I was lost many many times, but now I seem to be able to get around and know where I am and under which building I'm manuvering. it just takes practice.....

Anyway to get on with the story........every so often you see a "celebrity" well not like Hollywood, even better!! I was heading for the Lion House after picking some YW things up at the Distribution Center. I noticed one of the special "golf carts" was coming at me on the walkway with lights flashing and a driver with three men in it. As it got close, President Monson, Pres. Eyring and Pres. Uchtdorf were riding in it. Pres. Uchtdorf called out as they passed, "Well Hi Young Lady, how are you?" I managed a feeble "Hi!" as they passed, all three smiling. They were coming from the temple probably going to lunch, back at the Administration Building. It was pretty cool and their countenances were a pretty sweet sight to experience that close~~ what a great job to get to drive them around. They probably don't know that the lady in the polka-dot dress had a very nice thursday after that!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My friend, Brenda~

Brenda Henderson is a really neat lady!! She's 66 and wears her white hair spiky - loves to talk on the phone, sings with the men in the ward choir because she has such a low voice - went back to school at age 57 - has the raspiest laugh - notices when the pounds are coming off of you! which I love her for!!! I sit by her every month in ward counsel meeting and love her !

Easter Sunday, she and her husband Boyd had dinner after church and then because it was such a beautiful warm evening, she told him she was going for a walk around our North Salt Lake neighborhood. Two feet from he sidewalk on Hwy 89 as she was crossing, a 16 year old girl hit her with her car and she was killed instantly.

Her husband Boyd, asked to visit with the girl and her family. The other girls in the car also came to his home. That is the kind of person he and Brenda are. I don't know what was said, but I know the girls were comforted and asked if it would be alright if they attended the funeral. Of course they will be there because that is the kind of person Boyd is.

In the last couple of years, I've had three good friends pass away that I work with. Carol and Susan from cancer, Bob from an anuerysm. Now I will say goodby to another really neat lady, at least for a while. I will really miss hearing her beautiful low voice and seeing that white spiky hair each Sunday. But if I know Brenda, she will be busy helping others and laughing a lot wherever she is aksed to serve until she and Boyd are reuinted.

It seems to me like Brenda never knew a stranger. If she met you, she really wanted to know you. I hope I can be more like that ~

Friday, April 10, 2009

General Conference

Sunday morning found me at the King's home. Dad & Mom had gone up to Lava Hot Springs for a 24 hour retreat~~After breakfast I turned on general conference, had brought Brit, Devin & Derek markers and new art tablets and we watched General Conference together. At one time Devin asked me why I liked church? It was a sweet
time for this Grandma to be with these precious grandchildren and tell them the things that made me happy in my life. We took two walks that day and made cream cheese brownies. I loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk and Elder Holland's talk, both of them spoke right to my heart!!

"We live in a time when many worry about their livelihood. They are concerned abou the future and doubt their ability to resolve the challenges that confront them. They hunger for meaning and puspose in life. They get caught up in the excitement of looking for something new. But inevitably, the flame of each new theory fades. After the excitement wears off, the hollowness remains as we look for the next new idea to unlock the secrets of happiness. In contrast, the gospel of Jesus Christ has the answers to all of our problems. The gospel ujnlocks the door to true happines. It does not come from man at all. It springs from the pure and everlasting waters of the Creator of the universe, who knows truths we cannot even begin to comprehend." (Pres. Uchtdorf)

I love conference weekend~~and Elder Holland's talk "None Were with Him" will set the spirit for all of our Easter celebrations this coming week~~

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mason is 12!

Mason’s 12th Birthday
The windy month of March brought Mason to the earth-His big wide eyes and white blond hair was such a happy birth!
He loved to snuggle with grandma, his mom and his aunt Jill,His dad would rock 100 times to get him sleeping still.
He loved his binky, walker too- his grin was big and wide,He “Rocked around the Clock” with Jill and danced from side to side.
He jumped on bed and couch and chair and played with all the cats,He loved to take a bubble bath and put on daddy’s hats.
McDonalds was his favorite place to go and eat some fries-A giant monkey in a lot brought terror to his eyes.
When just a tot he learned to swim and kicked his legs with glee,The pool became his second home his skin a bumble bee.
A sister then a brother came – they loved to laugh and play-A broken leg was put in place and dragged throughout the day!
In Colorado he started school but wandered and was lost-When finally found he flashed a grin and asked what is the cost?
He grew and grew and ate and ate but “berries” always banned-He loved to swim and golf with Troy and always got so tanned.
He liked to bowl with cousin Jake and grandma laughing on-The slippy slide with water splash he glided on the lawn.
His Uncle Kelly liked to tease but Mason came to know If Jake and he could whine enough he’d take them to a show!
He learned to swim just like a fish and win the lengthy race-His friends at school and church alike all call out “Hey, Mace!”
Football, basketball and golf and sports to fill his days. This year he really buckles down and sees that homework pays!
The braces put upon his teeth are making him quite cuteThe girls are looking at him now, he’s handsome in his suit.
Today he turns the age of twelve with awesome things to come,He will receive the priesthood soon, an honor to be won.
My grandson is a special guy and blessed with many thingsOne day a mission he will serve and sharing he will bring. A Happy Birthday Mason-Man, this grandma loves you soBe faithful, true and trust in God and then you’ll always know

Monday, March 23, 2009

wonderful weekend

What a beautiful way to spend Sunday afternoon - attending the Draper Temple Dedication. Our Stake Center was full to capacity and the spirit was beautiful~When we took our youth through the temple earlier this month, the baptismal font is truly one oft he most beautiful I've ever seen.......but my young women liked the sealing room and the brides' room best ( of course ).

I attended Monday morning devotional this morning in our office and the person who gave the devotional said their grandfather always said "It came to pass......not stay". He was talking about trials in this life and how we will get through them with the Lord's help. He passed around a really neat quote that said "don't tell God how big the storm is, tell the storm how big your God is." really liked that!

It was fun this last Friday to watch Brooke really enjoy doing her dance solo. Even at a young age of 9 she definitely has a passion for it~~

Stacey, Pearl, Jill, Horton's, Emma and I went to meet Kel for a bite afterwards ~Amy was judging so couldn't go with us.

I want to say a bit about my sons and son-in-laws. They all really work hard to support their families. I'm so proud of the very good men they are!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Are Prayers Answered?

A half century has come and gone since I appeared on this earth-scene.
I’ve learned that tender mercies come through the veil and in-between

Only now do I begin to understand some secrets are worth knowing.
That priceless faith-filled gifts are first the planting and then sowing.

You ask if prayers are answered with a heart and mind of doubt
The words are heart-filled, pleading, reverent without a shout

You’ve knelt before with sorrow, fear and urgent pleas
When finished, nice clear answers didn’t come while on your knees

So I will let you know what I have learned of prayer thus far
No pretense talk, but honest heart will always reach that star.

Desire alone without the work of yearning to reach a home-
Many times on bended knee you’ll speak but feel alone

Your faith will grow into a trust that builds upon a truth
Into a newly entered realm, a private sacred booth

And hope for things not seen communicate to soul
No price too high for that peace now, you’ll gladly pay the toll.

Time passes on and answers come but “soon-answered prayers” are rare.
Your look back will include Grace, Love, Peaceful wondrous aware

Your plan and His will often go on different paths you see
But He is with you, arms surround while on a bended knee.

The miracles are large and small and seem too much for me.
An answered prayer rescues my fear and no more I ---but We.

Just when my step shows no more light and darkness in the sky,
And feeling I am not alone, His loving rescue lets me fly!

Monday, March 2, 2009

~what a day~

Elder Ballard said: "the only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life"

I attended a funeral today of a 31 year old who lost her husband of 39 ~~ I work with Kim and she is such a sweet young woman. She's so strong, even spoke at the funeral saying she knows they will have children together in the eternities and that she feels her sweetheart watching over her ~

Later on tonight, I got to see Kelly on Channel 4 news..........they interviewed him about a new bill being considered on drivers who are texting while they drive. He got several minutes on camera, pretty fun! They got his name right and everything~~

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday activities

What a great day today was! When I think what a chore walking was a year ago~~~Today I've taken my 1.5 mile walk it felt wonderful and no knee. ankle or back pain whatsoever!!
Went to Gold's gym on an invitational free pass for 2 weeks ~ wow what an eye opener I thought only spandex-clad size 2's would be there, but there are a lot more empty-nesters than I could believe! Anyway I guess it is really true, the older you get the more you appreciate your health!

Later on grandson Jake brought in 160 pounds of salt for my water softer, (in 40 pound increments of course ( smile ) ! what a sweetheart! He, Mason and Kobe are helping Uncle Kelly and Aunt Stacey move some boxes this afternoon While Aunt Amy works with Brooke on her dance solo coming up next month.

Pearl has been over entertaining Jen & I while her mom and dad are moving - she is a riot! I have gone through all my repretoire of toddler songs and she has specific favorites and makes that known!

Last weekend Britney stayed over and she went to YW with me. The girls loved her - she took notes right along with them on the lesson. It was so much fun to show her off ~

All in all, grandmothering is pretty cool!!! Just saw my 15 lb Michael on the blog, yes he is a MOOSE but a pretty darn cute one!

Enjoy each moment all you parents ~ it goes by very very fast ~ you are making memories every day!

have a great weekend~

Monday, February 23, 2009

Complete profile

I'm brand new as a blogger, but have to keep up with my kids & grandkids ~~ My blog is called Heart Strings for the simple reason I believe our heart is connected to all those we love. I want to learn how to download pic's onto my blog and make this a great way to hopefully touch all those hearts I love so very much!!!

I'm so thankful for goodly parents, amazing children and their spouses, beautiful grandchildren and those ancestors I've yet to meet who went before, you know "my people". (smile)