Wednesday, April 29, 2009

....ho hum....

Talked to Troy - TJ got a spiderman bike this year for his birthday, dad was putting it together!!! TJ was so excited, said he and Kaylee were going to have a race, but Kaylee had a flat tire, more work for dad!! ( smile ) Grandma sent him a spiderman swim suit in keeping with the theme!

Hope your birthday was wonderful too Cherlyn~~ I remember when you had this little guy and now you have another son as well!! I might add, what in the world do you feed those kids of yours? They grow so fast!

Loved Jen's blog ~ I know she was really disappointed about Cancun, but next year at this time she will be rewarded!!! I'm happy like Kobe that she and Cory will not be exposed to the swine flu there in Mexico.

Was so much fun to get to attend Jake's Aaronic priesthood ordination on Sunday and get a picture with my two oldest grandsons! They are growing up so fast, I'm so proud of them!!!

A year ago I was walking a few blocks more each week ~~ Jill has convinced me I can start to run, but anyone with a video camera watching this 58 year old grandmother jog around the Bountiful Regional Center last friday was in for a treat!!! lots of panting, run-walking and laughing at myself!!! I think a jogging bra is definately in order!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jake Turns Twelve

Cedar City here I come to see a grandson born~
Jacob Austin Lindsey came in night and not the morn.

His dad and mom were quite surprised when finally they did see
A great big baby, barrel chest, the family now is three.

They soon took off for Big Sky place and football ruled the day
His dad was graduated, Mom was glad and Jacob liked to play!

To Woods Cross as a toddler now and sister joins the group
Jake loves to ride his bike outside and likes his mini-hoop.

His kicking skills are quite aware as Soccer comes to be
He blocks and runs and punts with head, it’s quite a sight to see

Whenever goals are made by Jake, the sidelines holler some
Then Jacob looks and grins at us and brings up that great thumb!!

School days are spent, things are learned and knees are skinned you bet
He wears out shoes and jeans are ripped, Jake’s not one to be set

His energy knows no bounds, more sisters join the ranks
His honesty and great big heart are formed, his mother thanks

He shares some special times with mom and Harry Potter reads
He weeds the garden, helping dad to pick up all the leaves

Cub Scouts, Lake Powel and cousins too, He’ll play until he drops
He likes McDonald’s, Burger King and eats until he pops!

With Grandma and his cousin Mace he bowls a 109
His laughter can be heard above the bowling alley whine!

With Uncle Kel, he’s helped to move and see a flick or two
With Uncle Troy and Mason there the golf course they did rule.

His Grandpa Bill and Dad go now to hunt with him for deer
When Dad comes home with meat for mom, I think I see a tear!

He leads his sisters four each year into the Christmas room-
Where dad and mom are camera buffs and onto him they zoom-

He plays in sports but football is his favorite of the bunch,
He throws and tackles, catches too but really loves the punch!!

Today Jake’s twelve and he will get the priesthood power rare,
Your grandma loves your honest heart, your smile and that you care.

A flashback when I first held you, I’d love to stare and sit
Happy Birthday grandson, what a day!! Enjoy it every bit~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

a funny thing happened on my way to lunch...

I was "underground" at lunch time about ten minutes after twelve. I had just come from the distribution center at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and was cutting across to go get a "sarah salad" at the Lion House. In case anyone isn't aware a whole city of tunnels and parking lots exist underneath Temple Square. I can be a mole on bad days and just walk from the office bldg to the Lion House to the SL Temple to the conference center. It's really pretty neat! Seven years ago I was lost many many times, but now I seem to be able to get around and know where I am and under which building I'm manuvering. it just takes practice.....

Anyway to get on with the story........every so often you see a "celebrity" well not like Hollywood, even better!! I was heading for the Lion House after picking some YW things up at the Distribution Center. I noticed one of the special "golf carts" was coming at me on the walkway with lights flashing and a driver with three men in it. As it got close, President Monson, Pres. Eyring and Pres. Uchtdorf were riding in it. Pres. Uchtdorf called out as they passed, "Well Hi Young Lady, how are you?" I managed a feeble "Hi!" as they passed, all three smiling. They were coming from the temple probably going to lunch, back at the Administration Building. It was pretty cool and their countenances were a pretty sweet sight to experience that close~~ what a great job to get to drive them around. They probably don't know that the lady in the polka-dot dress had a very nice thursday after that!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My friend, Brenda~

Brenda Henderson is a really neat lady!! She's 66 and wears her white hair spiky - loves to talk on the phone, sings with the men in the ward choir because she has such a low voice - went back to school at age 57 - has the raspiest laugh - notices when the pounds are coming off of you! which I love her for!!! I sit by her every month in ward counsel meeting and love her !

Easter Sunday, she and her husband Boyd had dinner after church and then because it was such a beautiful warm evening, she told him she was going for a walk around our North Salt Lake neighborhood. Two feet from he sidewalk on Hwy 89 as she was crossing, a 16 year old girl hit her with her car and she was killed instantly.

Her husband Boyd, asked to visit with the girl and her family. The other girls in the car also came to his home. That is the kind of person he and Brenda are. I don't know what was said, but I know the girls were comforted and asked if it would be alright if they attended the funeral. Of course they will be there because that is the kind of person Boyd is.

In the last couple of years, I've had three good friends pass away that I work with. Carol and Susan from cancer, Bob from an anuerysm. Now I will say goodby to another really neat lady, at least for a while. I will really miss hearing her beautiful low voice and seeing that white spiky hair each Sunday. But if I know Brenda, she will be busy helping others and laughing a lot wherever she is aksed to serve until she and Boyd are reuinted.

It seems to me like Brenda never knew a stranger. If she met you, she really wanted to know you. I hope I can be more like that ~

Friday, April 10, 2009

General Conference

Sunday morning found me at the King's home. Dad & Mom had gone up to Lava Hot Springs for a 24 hour retreat~~After breakfast I turned on general conference, had brought Brit, Devin & Derek markers and new art tablets and we watched General Conference together. At one time Devin asked me why I liked church? It was a sweet
time for this Grandma to be with these precious grandchildren and tell them the things that made me happy in my life. We took two walks that day and made cream cheese brownies. I loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk and Elder Holland's talk, both of them spoke right to my heart!!

"We live in a time when many worry about their livelihood. They are concerned abou the future and doubt their ability to resolve the challenges that confront them. They hunger for meaning and puspose in life. They get caught up in the excitement of looking for something new. But inevitably, the flame of each new theory fades. After the excitement wears off, the hollowness remains as we look for the next new idea to unlock the secrets of happiness. In contrast, the gospel of Jesus Christ has the answers to all of our problems. The gospel ujnlocks the door to true happines. It does not come from man at all. It springs from the pure and everlasting waters of the Creator of the universe, who knows truths we cannot even begin to comprehend." (Pres. Uchtdorf)

I love conference weekend~~and Elder Holland's talk "None Were with Him" will set the spirit for all of our Easter celebrations this coming week~~

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mason is 12!

Mason’s 12th Birthday
The windy month of March brought Mason to the earth-His big wide eyes and white blond hair was such a happy birth!
He loved to snuggle with grandma, his mom and his aunt Jill,His dad would rock 100 times to get him sleeping still.
He loved his binky, walker too- his grin was big and wide,He “Rocked around the Clock” with Jill and danced from side to side.
He jumped on bed and couch and chair and played with all the cats,He loved to take a bubble bath and put on daddy’s hats.
McDonalds was his favorite place to go and eat some fries-A giant monkey in a lot brought terror to his eyes.
When just a tot he learned to swim and kicked his legs with glee,The pool became his second home his skin a bumble bee.
A sister then a brother came – they loved to laugh and play-A broken leg was put in place and dragged throughout the day!
In Colorado he started school but wandered and was lost-When finally found he flashed a grin and asked what is the cost?
He grew and grew and ate and ate but “berries” always banned-He loved to swim and golf with Troy and always got so tanned.
He liked to bowl with cousin Jake and grandma laughing on-The slippy slide with water splash he glided on the lawn.
His Uncle Kelly liked to tease but Mason came to know If Jake and he could whine enough he’d take them to a show!
He learned to swim just like a fish and win the lengthy race-His friends at school and church alike all call out “Hey, Mace!”
Football, basketball and golf and sports to fill his days. This year he really buckles down and sees that homework pays!
The braces put upon his teeth are making him quite cuteThe girls are looking at him now, he’s handsome in his suit.
Today he turns the age of twelve with awesome things to come,He will receive the priesthood soon, an honor to be won.
My grandson is a special guy and blessed with many thingsOne day a mission he will serve and sharing he will bring. A Happy Birthday Mason-Man, this grandma loves you soBe faithful, true and trust in God and then you’ll always know