Monday, December 28, 2009

bring it on 2010~

Ok, 2008 goodby weight, 2009 toning up fine
that is until shoulder surgery a week before
St. Nick's visit..........ouch is the operative word!

First P.T. tomorrow, which I'm told is not too
painful, ??????????? ouch

On Percocet, Christmas Eve was great!! Everyone
pitched in and we had a wonderful lasagna dinner at
Amy & Austin's home. I missed being able to hold
and hug as I like to, it was more of a one-armed bandit

I have amazing kids & grand-kids, totally not being
prejudice, right?...........They are so good to me and
so sweet!

My New Year's resolution is to be continually grateful
for the good health I have always been blessed with
and to use that blessing to help others!!

Six to eight weeks from now - Watch out world
Sheila's back! ( smile )

Happy New Year to all!!!
I love you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~Pearl's sibling is coming.....

I won't spoil the surprise, but I know who is joining the Kelly/Stacey/Pearl family in May!!!?
They found out yesterday and It's so exciting to know that this sweet little person is coming! Now as soon as they pick out a name, I can start calling my newest grandchild by its proper name!

only a little over five months from now~~~ yippee..........

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th - twice blessed!

Amy Jewkes became Mrs. Austin Lindsey on this date! hAPPY aNNIVERSARY TO THE LINDSEY COUPLE!!!! You are raising a beautiful family and I pray always the Lord will continue to bless your efforts! What I remember most is that Amy was so excited to become Austin's bride, she forgot her flowers!... but it didn't make any difference, they both had eyes only for each other that December night!

...............Remember "Love Never Melts"!!!

Happy Anniversary you two! love you so much~~

December 14th is also the day Brooke was born! Gosh, she was so little when she was born and went through RSV just two months we all prayed so hard for her to recover! Tonight I watched as she danced her heart out at her Christmas Dance Recital. You did great Brooke! all eyes were on your lovely smile and wow!!! You have really grown as a dancer little girl!!! your technique was amazing!

Happy Happy Birthday sweet Brooke, your heart is special and you are a beautiful 10 year old inside and out!
loveya, Gram

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Britney Boo - November 29th!! & Kobe December 1st

Britney turns nine on November 29th! I can well remember the tiny little baby girl Jason wouldn't let go of when she arrived~~We'll celebrate with her cousin Kobe this Friday night. Jill will feel more like celebrating with a few more days under her belt!

Britney you have been such a sweet and brave little girl~ when you had that terrible bone infection, nothing kept you down long, riding your bike with your IV attached used to get lots of stares~~You are an awesome soccer player - you help your mom so much with the "brothers" ~ You have a tender maternal love for all little babies, I know you will enjoy someday to be a mommy yourself! I'm so proud of you and the wonderful grades you make at school, I love to hear you read and sing, you have perfect pitch! You have such a great ability to fix your hair since you were quite small and your beautiful beautiful face when you smile, it lights up the room! Keep doing it! Be positive~~ Your Parents and Heavenly Father and your Savior, Jesus love you with a perfect love and want you to be happy all your life. They will always be near you if you talk to them with your problems.

Now my little tow head Kobe, Happy Birthday big guy! ... You were our little Norwegian baby when you were born, very very handsome! It was so fun to watch you play football this year! You are a leader and I know you will continue to choose the right in all that you do. I love to watch you wrestle with you big brother and I love the way you treat your mom with big hugs! Thank you for making thanksgiving so wonderful with your special prayer for all of us. We're going to party hardy this Friday night! We will all make sure you have a lot of your favorite there ~ CAKE! ~

Keep reading your scriptures, do well in school and learning everything to make you a great missionary one day! I love you!

Gram J.