Thursday, January 28, 2010

~My Toyota's owie is all fixed~

Thank you kids for fixing the owie on my little Yaris. I just love this car! It is so wonderful to have a dependable running car to drive me all over the place! ( smile ) I think I will always want to drive a Toyota, I just trust'em!

I'm re-reading a wonderful book by the Prophet of my youth, David O' McKay, "Pathways to Happiness" When a Prophet speaks, it doesn't matter if He is Nephi, Alma, Moses, President Monson or President McKay - they speak with power & wisdom!! He says we all trade something and gain something with Life's gains and losses. Life is structured that way. We gain wisdom as we grow older but lose the strength of youth. We gain perspective on eternal life when we lose someone to death. .....

I'm resolving to reading one GREAT BOOK each month this year! That should help limit TV time! well except for Biggest Loser, an occasional American Idol and Kel & Stacey insist I catch up on HERO?!

I'll be reporting in on the next book for February and sending inspiring platitudes out blog-wise.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

~A Grateful Heart~

I'm sure Jen will blog about their experience this past week in Cancun. But in a nutshell, She and Cory nearly lost their lives in an undercurrent pulling them out to sea. The story will bring goosebumps as she tells of their ordeal. As a family, we know there is a Heavenly Father who has all power. We know He hears and answers prayers and He sent "Angels" to help them survive last Sunday!!

It is a story that will be in our family's hearts for years to come. Their children, when faced with adversity can know that their parents' faith was strengthened and that the power of Jesus Christ is always stronger than that of Lucifer's.

The words to express gratitude to our Father in Heaven for watching over them is completely inadequate! The way we live our lives every day is the only way we can truly show Him how very thankful we are!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

~patience is a virtue?~

You only like physical therapists on your way out of their office! About half way through the "nazi torture" I was having my arm put through by my P.T. I realized he was none other than Shalene Wells Hawks, husband, Bob~. He is a very nice guy until he starts that stretching, it may be called passive, where he does all the work while I concentrate on not resisting, but let me tell you, there is nothing passive about taking this poor shoulder which has been insulted surgically and putting my arm high above my head where the pain meter is off the chart!

"oh you're doing great" says he, gasping for air....."really?" says I...

At last one more session comes to an end with a wonderful ice bag strapped for 15 minutes to "cool off" that 59 year old joint!

Well, I'm learning how to do many things with one hand, some necessities really were made for two, (use your imagination).....but I am grateful that I will have a few more days of recovery before Bob and I go another round!! Life is never dull~~