Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday activities

What a great day today was! When I think what a chore walking was a year ago~~~Today I've taken my 1.5 mile walk it felt wonderful and no knee. ankle or back pain whatsoever!!
Went to Gold's gym on an invitational free pass for 2 weeks ~ wow what an eye opener I thought only spandex-clad size 2's would be there, but there are a lot more empty-nesters than I could believe! Anyway I guess it is really true, the older you get the more you appreciate your health!

Later on grandson Jake brought in 160 pounds of salt for my water softer, (in 40 pound increments of course ( smile ) ! what a sweetheart! He, Mason and Kobe are helping Uncle Kelly and Aunt Stacey move some boxes this afternoon While Aunt Amy works with Brooke on her dance solo coming up next month.

Pearl has been over entertaining Jen & I while her mom and dad are moving - she is a riot! I have gone through all my repretoire of toddler songs and she has specific favorites and makes that known!

Last weekend Britney stayed over and she went to YW with me. The girls loved her - she took notes right along with them on the lesson. It was so much fun to show her off ~

All in all, grandmothering is pretty cool!!! Just saw my 15 lb Michael on the blog, yes he is a MOOSE but a pretty darn cute one!

Enjoy each moment all you parents ~ it goes by very very fast ~ you are making memories every day!

have a great weekend~

Monday, February 23, 2009

Complete profile

I'm brand new as a blogger, but have to keep up with my kids & grandkids ~~ My blog is called Heart Strings for the simple reason I believe our heart is connected to all those we love. I want to learn how to download pic's onto my blog and make this a great way to hopefully touch all those hearts I love so very much!!!

I'm so thankful for goodly parents, amazing children and their spouses, beautiful grandchildren and those ancestors I've yet to meet who went before, you know "my people". (smile)