Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TJ's day has finally arrived~~

Happy Birthday TJ!!

Tell Dad to take you golfing
no milk-drinking today!!!!

I love you~~
Have a wonderful fun birthday! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's CHER day

Happy Birthday

Wishing you a wonderful day
with lots of hugs, kisses and chocolate things~~

love you!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake

Happy 14th Birthday


wow.......dances, youth conference, two years from a driver's license!!

love you - so proud to be your grandma! 

~Stake Conference~

President Coleman talked about he Five Love Languages through the eyes of Christ found in the scriptures. 
1)  Words of Encouragement
2)  Quality Time
3)  Receiving Gifts
4)  Acts of Service 
5)  Physical Touch

It was amazing.....................

look at     then click assessments and follow the instructions -

Friday, April 15, 2011

~ I have always loved a good movie!~

I recently saw "Jane Eyre" - yes, probably a "chick-flick" but one with class!

I also saw on referral from Amy, "Soul Surfer" and loved it!!!  A great
film of inspiration and perseverance!

One of my favorite lines is from "Hope Floats".....Beginnings are usually scary, endings are mostly sad
but the middle is what makes it all worth living!... enjoy where you are, sometimes you just need to give Hope a chance to float up!~~

Entertainment that encourages, lifts, inspires, brings out our compassion or gives us tears from laughing is the best kind of respite in our busy lives!  Whether it is sitting in our favorite chair at home with a great DVD or having a formal movie out with lots of "fake"butter topping on our popcorn~  Save up and take in a good movie - ENJOY!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

just another day in the life....

Conference was amazing, as it always is.  Seems to bring the spirit so strongly right into your front room doesn't it?  I just got a strange call from my youngest daughter?, the call was strange not her ( smile )

This is spring break~~while the Lindsey's are at Lake Powell basking in spring sunshine (lucky ducks)  Jen is
helping Cory tar a roof?.............yes my 30 yr old is on a roof helping her husband!  Apparently it is not a steep one (whew...)   what do they say about provident living?........maybe she's learning something for a new career move? (smile)  I sure wish someone with a camera was catching this!!!!!!    Hang on tight Jen

Pearl and I along with the Horton's watched Devon win another soccer game on saturday...- no prejudice, HE IS THE STAR!!  Jill is doing a great job coaching the "Sharks"!    He has some moves that are amazing!