Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clayton R. Hassell

Happy Birthday Dad!

I love you so much...

you've always been my

"bridge over troubled water"

...just to hear you laugh makes me smile~

hope you have a wonderful day~~

Monday, May 14, 2012


katelyn's birthday was saturday, May 12th~ 

Her family took her to The Lorax and then I joined them that night for dinner.

She got an American Doll that looks just like her!!! shiny dark brown hair, big brown eyes

She is so cute and now has her very own spray cologne ~~ oh what a girl's house the Lindsey home is!

Wednesay, the 9th was Violet's birthday,

Kel & Stacey had set up a photo booth and we all got to act very very goofy...lots of fun

we had delicious cake pops Stacey had made~and this year Violet didn't need any help getting the wrapping paper off!

Mother's Day celebrated all weekend long~

On Saturday, Kel, Stace, Jen, Jill, Amy, Pearl & Violet took me to "my first time" at THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY ......all I can say is wow!!! was quite the experience..........first of all the menu takes a long time just to get through it! smile)..........the avocado eggroll as an appetizer cannot be topped by anything else in this world!

We had a wonderful time.........delicious and beautifully prepared dishes.........Violet ate bread along with Aunt Jenny until her tummy thumped like a small ripe melon......The new  City Creek area was so sunny and beautiful to walk through!

Sunday, my sister and her husband had mom (Grandma Perkins) and myself up to their home in North Ogden for a barbeque.  It was wonderful getting mom out for a while, she does well walker and all as she continues to work on getting her feet healed.  

Sunday night, got my Troy-text............if you haven't received texting from don't know what you've missed!!!............So this Mother's Day, I think the only meal I fixed was grapenuts & bananas before leaving for Church~~yep, if you live long enough...........Mother's Day becomes a lot funner and EASIER!!

I'm so blessed with the mother's in my life.............I love my dear mom and her patience with the suffering she has endured these many months.  I love sweet Judy, an example of such faith and love of the Lord and I absolutely love all the young mother's in my family, Amy, Jill, Cher, Stacey, all amaze me at your talents and love and sacrifice you make for your families!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Violet's victory dance..........

Happy Birthday Violet

two years old today!!

You keep all of us laughing and loving you

with your dancing, running,

 and little mischievous grin!

love you soooooooo much~~

Monday, May 7, 2012

7th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday was Kelly and Stacey's anniversary...........I happen to know Kel is working on something really cool to give house is the secret workshop~~

It is so neat to see the love they both have for each other and their adorable little girls!..

Happy Anniversary

May 6th!!!