Monday, March 23, 2009

wonderful weekend

What a beautiful way to spend Sunday afternoon - attending the Draper Temple Dedication. Our Stake Center was full to capacity and the spirit was beautiful~When we took our youth through the temple earlier this month, the baptismal font is truly one oft he most beautiful I've ever seen.......but my young women liked the sealing room and the brides' room best ( of course ).

I attended Monday morning devotional this morning in our office and the person who gave the devotional said their grandfather always said "It came to pass......not stay". He was talking about trials in this life and how we will get through them with the Lord's help. He passed around a really neat quote that said "don't tell God how big the storm is, tell the storm how big your God is." really liked that!

It was fun this last Friday to watch Brooke really enjoy doing her dance solo. Even at a young age of 9 she definitely has a passion for it~~

Stacey, Pearl, Jill, Horton's, Emma and I went to meet Kel for a bite afterwards ~Amy was judging so couldn't go with us.

I want to say a bit about my sons and son-in-laws. They all really work hard to support their families. I'm so proud of the very good men they are!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Are Prayers Answered?

A half century has come and gone since I appeared on this earth-scene.
I’ve learned that tender mercies come through the veil and in-between

Only now do I begin to understand some secrets are worth knowing.
That priceless faith-filled gifts are first the planting and then sowing.

You ask if prayers are answered with a heart and mind of doubt
The words are heart-filled, pleading, reverent without a shout

You’ve knelt before with sorrow, fear and urgent pleas
When finished, nice clear answers didn’t come while on your knees

So I will let you know what I have learned of prayer thus far
No pretense talk, but honest heart will always reach that star.

Desire alone without the work of yearning to reach a home-
Many times on bended knee you’ll speak but feel alone

Your faith will grow into a trust that builds upon a truth
Into a newly entered realm, a private sacred booth

And hope for things not seen communicate to soul
No price too high for that peace now, you’ll gladly pay the toll.

Time passes on and answers come but “soon-answered prayers” are rare.
Your look back will include Grace, Love, Peaceful wondrous aware

Your plan and His will often go on different paths you see
But He is with you, arms surround while on a bended knee.

The miracles are large and small and seem too much for me.
An answered prayer rescues my fear and no more I ---but We.

Just when my step shows no more light and darkness in the sky,
And feeling I am not alone, His loving rescue lets me fly!

Monday, March 2, 2009

~what a day~

Elder Ballard said: "the only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life"

I attended a funeral today of a 31 year old who lost her husband of 39 ~~ I work with Kim and she is such a sweet young woman. She's so strong, even spoke at the funeral saying she knows they will have children together in the eternities and that she feels her sweetheart watching over her ~

Later on tonight, I got to see Kelly on Channel 4 news..........they interviewed him about a new bill being considered on drivers who are texting while they drive. He got several minutes on camera, pretty fun! They got his name right and everything~~