Monday, November 29, 2010

Boo's big day~

Happy 10th birthday

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Carl Bloch Exhibit at BYU

I will probably never see in person, Da Vinni's Mona Lisa or Monet's "water lilies" or even Michelangelo's ceiling at the Sistine Chapel in Rome, but I had an amazing opportunity to witness up close and personal Carl Bloch's altar paintings and sketches.  The Museum of Art at BYU has the priceless opportunity of presenting these paintings produced in the 1800's~  They are magnificent!  These all have been reproduced and seen on several of the LDS Church magazines, i.e. Ensign, New Era, etc over the years but the detail, from those small prints, believe me is missing.............when you actually see the brush strokes that produced these masterpieces, I was blown away.  You stand back and see this wall sized painting of the Savior with a little brown-eyed child standing by his side.  I thought to myself, they are real, that is an actual photograph......but then as you walk towards the painting and getting closer and closer, you see details in the eyes and hair and hands and skin that were made by paint!!!  What a God-given talent Carl Bloch had and developed.  He studied from age 15 to 25 with the Masters in Rome.  I remember reading that Rembrandt had a unique talent for portraits and faces.  Take the opportunity to see another master's work ---Carl Bloch born in Denmark paints faces as if they could almost speak to you.  I'll never forget what I was privileged to see.  I'm not an artist, my "Pictionary" attempts are always met with boisterous laughter....but you don't have to be an artist to appreciate the Touch of a Master's Hand.   

Thanksgiving 2010

In a Thanksgiving Nutshell:
1) Kobe made his first banana cream pie all by himself!!  He did a great job!
2) Kobe, Brooke and Grandma fixed some beautiful pumpkin pies the day before thanksgiving - it was a good thing we needed a sliver because although they looked beautiful, they were lacking sugar!!!!  So we got to make them all over again.  
3) Brooke helped me peel 10 pounds of potatoes - that's KP duty - she needs a medal!
4)  Jill made Amy's famous squash - which tickled Violet because she was a few pounds heavier after her Thanksgiving dinner~~~  I'm sure Stacey has pictures to come.........she LOVED the squash!!
5)  Stacey brought a southern favorite, jalapeno jelly/cream cheese - we had to watch Mason with each cracker to keep him from the "double dip"!  DELICIOUS!
5) Cory picked up extra tables & chairs
6)  Jen fixed the raspberry/pretzel jello - Brooke had 4 or 5 helpings!! ( smile ) she can do that, she's a dancer!!
7)  Jenny & Brooke lovingly prepared 72 deviled eggs~~~there wasn't a single leftover......~
8) Jen had her house decorated for the holidays - so much fun to eat by a beautiful Christmas tree!
9) Grandma P. brought her sherry cake, a favorite among us wine-bibbers....and the always popular green bean casserole.  Aunt Shelly brought coconut custard pie -
With the Cowboys playing and the aroma of wonderful food~none of us left hungry!! ( smile )  In fact after a movie date of all the mom's and dad's it was time for turkey sandwiches~ YUM~
Until next year the memory of hot mashed potatoes, aptly named stuffing, turkey, cranberry, rolls, pumpkin pie and whip cream~~ will remain just that..............a memory! 

I did learn a secret about Derek.....he eats pumpkin pie just the way his Grandma J. does ~ (forks are for novices, right?)

NOW anyone for a salad with light dressing? 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Michael

It doesn't seem possible that two years ago Michael Roger Jewkes was born in Spokane, Washington!  I fell in love with him at first sight - when I flew up there to help take care of him and his brother and sister while his sweet mom had to have some emergency surgery~He was beautiful then and at two is still GORGEOUS!!!

Sorry Michael, it's a grandma thing..............but you are such a cutie! 

I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving and you blow out all "2" of your birthday candles!  Birthday gift is on its way - along with treats to share with TJ & Kaylee!

So thankful you came to earth November 24th, 2008!   We love you sooooooooooo much!!

~Happy Birthday~

Monday, November 22, 2010

Five little girls at a Play

Amy and I took Maegan, Emma, Katelyn, Kelsey & Pearl to a stake production of Savior of the World at the Bountiful Regional Center Friday night.  They were adorable, three of them had their hair up in Piggie's a girl thing!  They were so excited to be there and whenever Jesus was on the stage whether as an infant or resurrected Lord, these little girls would become absolutely still and transfixed.  It was obvious  they know Him and love Him!

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 13 -

Jake's Bountiful football team won their championship game on saturday.  All four Lindsey girls were there with GO BRAVES on their headbands and even though we were wearing four layers of clothes so we wouldn't freeze - we were grateful at times for big blankets to wrap up in! 

Congratulations - Jake
it was GREAT!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's celebrate~

Happy 1/2 year old Violet got to eat some cupcake Tuesday night!  She danced on the bar, if you hold her up she jumps with her feet and loves the feeling of bouncing up and down!~~she smiled and posed very appropriately for a birthday girl!    Pearl is definitely the big sister and loves her little roommate very much!

Now Michael and Britney are the only November babies - so their birthdays are coming up!  Michael 2 and Britney 10 - pretty exciting!!

Other exciting news - Britney's soccer team continues to beat soundly other teams!!! The indoor arena is wonderful now that winter has hit!   Jake's football team plays for the championship this Saturday - Brooke was chosen to represent her school as a member of student counsel, quite an honor for a fifth grader!  - she just spent a whole day at BYU with John Bytheway and other leaders teaching them~

All of my grandchildren bring such joy to their families ~ We love you soooooooo much!

Keep choosing good friends, read lots of good books and give those parents a hug once a day!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

Halloween was a fun and spooky night at the Lindsey's!!  We had ghosts, witches, cats and the "MOON", goblins, dead soccer players, clowns, lady bugs, fairies and Peter Pan even flew by! ~ Delicious soups, cornbread & honey butter, Lindsey cantaloupe and lots of chocolate made it a great evening.  I'm sure Jenny, Amy & Stacey got lots of "scary" pictures that will be forthcoming~~the rain didn't dampen the spirits of the trick or treaters.....Uncle Jason did the car-hop as Derek and Devin dashed from house to house to gain their stash!...........Violet's first Halloween and she loved it!! she would stare and then laugh at all the painted faces talking to her~

Now on to one of my favorite holidays~~~THANKSGIVING!