Wednesday, June 24, 2009

~Precious little miracle Kaylee Jean Jewkes is 6!

Happy Birthday Kaylee~~

I know you can read this ( smarty).....and I know you've heard the story before...
but let grandma remind you of how Heavenly Father blessed you when you were born
six years ago on President Hinckley's birthday June 23rd!

Your daddy called and said "She's here"!! the next morning I came up with your aunts to Idaho Falls to see you~~ You were a beautiful little brunette baby girl! so perfect and sweet!

24 hrs later you were being whisked up in the sky with your mommy by Lifeflight helicopter to Salt Lake City Primary Children's Hospital to be looked at by specialists!! Kaylee, we prayed so hard for you to get well. Your mommie, daddy, all your aunts and uncles and grandparents were asking Heavenly Father to bless you. And you know what, HE did! You were so brave to have all the tests they had to do on you with lots of needles ( ouch )! You had a wonderful doctor who operated on you. Your mommie would hold you, you received beautiful priesthood blessings and when mommie and daddy had to leave, I loved to come up to the hospital after work and be there in the evening and hold you and kiss you and pray for you to get well!

And now six years later, here you are.....a very pretty girl celebrating a birthday ~ You are so smart and love to learn anything new!!! You can memorize so many songs, poems and stories! You are a great artist~~You are a big help to your family with a new brother ~ and you are such a good example to TJ!

Guess what?..........we both have the middle name of Jean!! that makes it so special! I love you Kaylee and watch in the mail for a surprise!!

hugs & kisses, Grandma J.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day - Daddy

Some memories of "Daddy"~~
1)coming home from church and hearing him whistle or hum the closing hymn while riding in the back seat (before the days of seatbelts!)
2) pretending to be asleep after a family drive-in movie so I could get carried in~
3) eating tapioca pudding with him while watching "Bonanza" in color!!
4) working on the boat motor and waterskiing at Lake Shasta ( making me learn to waterski while I was crying and then finding out I loved it!
5) making me ride a mean mean shetland pony, getting bucked off and getting back on and finding out I loved it!
6) ironing his white cotton sunday shirts before the days of Permanent Press _ wow
7) when his back went out, watching him put a door underneath the mattress so it would be hard enough.
8) watching him pull out his own appendix stitches in horror while mom looked on, my brother and I thought it was really neat~~
9) listening to his love of missionary work, Ward Mission Leader and Full time missions in the Philippines ~ He loved picking up the missionaries from the airport!
10) unlacing his work boots when he would come home from logging in the woods!
11) his sense of humor - when he tells you something funny, he always laughs and his laugh if infectious!
12) his phone calls that always no matter what.......lift my mood and spirit!
13) His testimony of Joseph Smith ~
14) His love for the Savior of the World!

Happy Father's Day !

I'm proud to be your daughter and love you so much!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

"A Father Indeed"

Please go to UTube and see the mormon message "A Father Indeed" - get a couple of kleenexes and enjoy!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

~Chocolate Water~

OK, I am giving an unreserved endorsement to "running the rapids"!!
Pictures will follow with Stacey & Jen's help getting them onto my website~

Listen up folks~~ this was FUN, FUN, FUN! I could have gone for three more days ! although the latrines were the downside. We took our youth to Swazey rapids on the Green River, which now is called Chocolate Water during the June snow run-off and YES it is very brown!

I don't know what I was expecting, but after going down them once, it was such an exhiliration that I could hardly wait to drive up the seven miles to launch again!! We left on thursday and the weather looked ominous until we reached Price and then the heavens opened with sunshine and it was only in the 80's the rest of the day, friday and saturday. After the all day friday ( we did three trips) we had a great fireside, smores and all and when I went to bed and looked up through the tent top to see all those twinkling stars, I had the sensation of being rocked to sleep like I was still on the river. The Kids who went on a cruise a couple of years ago said that is what it feels like after you have been on the water for a while. It wasn't unpleasant, put me into a wonderful sleep! The next day after breakfast we got one more run and then broke camp. I drove a Tahoe full of candy-jazzed girls home but we listened to great CD's so it made the trip fun!

This was a great experience to be out in nature again. It just felt wonderful to enjoy the beautiful vista of the desert mesa's shooting up from the river. I could almost imagine indians sitting up there watching our every move~~ ( smile ) I miss already the sound of that rushing water going by at night.

This was definately a break that buoyed up my spirit ~ so much fun to see how the kids were enjoying themselves without cell phones, IPODS or Game Boys!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Barbara Jean - good news/bad news

The bad news is my mom suffered a second heart attack last week along with some gall bladder disease which developed into pancreatitis. Bless her heart, she had a very rough week at McKay-Dee!! They were able to do angioplasty and other procedures hopefully to help her feel better.

The good news was my only brother came from Denver with his two daughters and 13 yr old grandson and my "crazy" wonderful sister Cherylee came from Sacramento with her daughter Sara and two grandchildren. So we had a hospital reunion and a fun barbeque at Jenny and Cory's! No one can make you laugh harder then Cheryl ~ she is one of a kind! Sometimes I think, "how are we related?"


Mom is recuperating at my home and she is so sweetly trying to get better, stronger, faster!! (smile) At least now I can buy a bigger watermelon instead of the mini's because mom likes it as much as I do!!