Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ten years for J & J

Well Mr. & Mrs. King~~a full decade now - wow three beautiful kids and new carpeting to boot ! ( smile )

Happy Anniversary Jason & Jill ~ heard you did the "Sarah Palin" thing tonight to celebrate, soccer mom & dad that you are! You've got some definite college scholarship contestants in Brit & Devin! Wow watching them play is FUN!!!~~~~~I think Derek will want something more in the line of bat-hitting and contact sports though....! ( smile )

Devin turned 6 last Friday, September 18th and did a bowling party with buddies~~Devin is one neat guy ~ He has such a loving heart for everyone, especially Mesa ( his dog) and the best hugs for grandma!! It was so much fun to watch him play the other day, whenever he gets a pass, watch out, he leaves the pack behind and usually scores! He's faster with his feet than "Pele'" ok, dating myself again, now I guess it's "Beckham" !

Brit is on a Soccer Comp-team and will play in the President's Cup in St. George in February! Her team is amazing - cutest girls on the field and they're deadly with the soccer ball!

I love you sweet King family ~ .........see, didn't I always tell you how fast the years go by! ( smile )

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Changing of the Guard~~YW Style

The YW Presidency was released today~~ wow, I have mixed feelings! I can honestly say I won't miss the work that is involved in Young Women, i.e. activities, camp, standards nights, many many projects!!! BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I will definitely miss those sweet faces and listening to them tell me things while scarfing down pizza or just hearing them giggle when we're in the car and they see a "cute" boy! That takes me back to my days of being a mom to teenage girls and it was so much fun!!! I will miss teaching them on Sundays, feeling the spirit in the room and that their spirits were acknowledging truth. That was the best!!

The funny thing is, two of the names I mentioned to the Bishopric are in!!! yep, I'm sure there was some inspiration there..............Marci Howey is the WX Basketball Coach and she will bring a new "sports" influence to our YW~ ........... she's 6 ft tall and the mother of five, three girls, two boys just like me! In fact she reminds me of myself at that age, only taller of course! ( smile ) The girls are in good hands!

but still it was teary today! One of my 2nd year beehives, beautiful red-haired green-eyed Brooke couldn't shut off the flood-gates and that kept tugging at my heart! I told Marci after class to hug her a lot!!! She's one of those girls that don't get a lot of hugs at home.......I know she'll get them from this new presidency!

Change is inevitable in the church~~I will now teach the primary children those beautiful songs!!! Should be fun, although the last time I led music, which was quite a few years ago, my arms didn't wave ! (smile) Maybe this will help tone them up!

Friday, September 11, 2009

End of Summer - 15 weeks till Christmas!

Labor Day evening we all met at the park by Pearl's house~~We had the last of the season's potato salad, pulled pork sandwiches, watermelon and delicious cookies from Stacey & Jill! I let all the kids make homemade ice cream in their own ziploc bag with ice and rock salt ~ it was fun watching them roll their COLD bags and then tasting the delicious treat~~

I love how perfect the weather is now in the evening~~All the mom's are happy school is back in session and schedules can be put back into place. Kelly & Stacey are getting excited to take Pearl to Disneyland next week ~~Troy and his family will be coming through in October which should be so much fun to see all of their family! Kids are busy with soccer, football, track and dance.

As I sat there looking at my children with their families, from grandkids Jr high age down to Kelsey and Pearl eating watermelon, I couldn't help but think how thankful I am for my family~~

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cougars beat Sooners!

I want to personally thank Oklahoma for giving my sons, Troy and Kelly a belated and early birthday present respectively.................BYU 14 ~ Oklahoma 13 !!

The "what if's" will haunt you if you ever wanted to bet? ( smile )..............someone is cleaning up on that longshot~~

It was quite an event, Jenny on the phone to her big brother in Blanchard, Kelly losing his voice in between pizza shots, Mason unable to sit still and my son-in-law Cory doing hand springs in his living room!!! I'm sure somewhere in Las Vegas, D. J. & H. B. were high-five-ing whether on the phone or in the air~~

Like Kelly said, the score doesn't do justice to how BYU dominated those Sooners, although they are pretty darn big & tough to be sure!

Little Pearl just took it all in stride, staring at grown people going a little crazy, she calmly went outside with her cousins Brit & Brooke to the tramp and told us all, "I'm going jumping"!

Now, I want to hear how Jake enjoyed this since he stands alone rooting for Big Blue in the Lindsey house!!!! Wasn't it great bud?! Bring it on Utes..............