Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Holidays from Sheila & my “Gang”


Violet Jean was last to come
On Mother’s Day she made her run

All smiles until you drive the car

Her squeals are heard so don’t go far

Pearl Catherine likes to paint and draw

And dance and sing and sip a straw

Her boyfriend Jace will be her groom

She picks her dresses from her room

Stacey busy mom with two

She takes great pictures not a few

Her little girls she teaches how

They know the songs of Jesus now

Kelly goes to school and work

He teaches scouts and doesn’t shirk

He writes as Dignan for the Jazz

And “Sports-Cave-Live” is real pizzazz

Kobe is the youngest twist

He plays football and shows his fist

With yummy cake he does approve

The treats lock now he will remove

Brooke loves fashion and the bling

At school her grades make teachers sing

She loves to dance and do her best

Just watch and see her pass the test

Now Mason is a funny Teen

His sense of humor is not mean

He loves baseball and has the knack

But in the winter snowboard’s whack!

The light of Jenny always brings

The little ones on running wings

She volunteers at church & school

She drives the car and is soooo cool~

Cory works all through the day

Then climbs upon a roof to play

He cheers the Jazz and BYU

He likes a slurpee, not a few

Michael now is total Two

On Buzz Lightyear he sticks like glue

He likes bananas, swimming, gum

His brother is his favorite chum.

TJ has kindergarten down

He likes to ride his bike around

He’s trying to make milk his friend

A Hershey bar helps it to blend.

Kaylee is reading out the door

Her mind and smile will make you soar

Her room as many ponies in

She wants to ride a horse and win.

Cher has patience well appraised

She golfs with Troy and crafts ablaze

She runs and reads with kids on knee

A soccer mom she cheers with glee

Troy busy with the Stoneridge Course

His lessons are the best on source

His PGA he has acquired

He teaches Cubs who all are wired.

To pre-school Derek goes today

He’s four and loves to laugh and play

He’s game for wrestling with his Dad

But eye gouge come on when he’s mad

Devin bikes and soccer plays

He’s fast as lightening, we sing his praise

He gives good hugs to all who ask

Nothing scares him in a mask

Britney’s soccer is Number One

Teammates like her are cute and fun

She cleans her room and picks up toys

And helps her mom to watch the boys!

Jill runs each morning rain or shine

The school crosswalk she guards on line.

The soccer car wash and yard sale

She gives her all without a yell

Jason works both south and north

He cheers on Brit and Dev…”Go Forth!”

He fishes in both pond and stream

His rod and reel are on the beam.

Kelsey likes to sit still, not

She skips and sings and likes to trot

She whips her hips to and fro

She dances high and dances low

Katelyn has those big brown eyes

She likes chocolate and French fries

Her ballet skills are coming fast

She always holds the babies last

Emma runs with hair a flying

Soccer balls are hers for dying!

She keeps her room and bed so neat

Her baptism was a special treat

Maegan flew with Peter Pan

But fell to earth and Austin ran

She marches down the Church’s aisles

Rapunzel gave her “Tangled” smiles

Jacob won the Football Crown

The news with picture in his town.

He helps his parents with the girls

He works at school and tends the rules.

Amy gets all five to school

She posts the job chart and the rules

She cleans the clothes, the dish and shelf

For treat she gets some time for self!

Austin works and grows the seed

His pumpkins are a sight indeed.

He helps the Young Men in his ward

Obey the Oath and love the Lord

Lindsey, Horton, Jewkes’ & King

Twenty-seven in my ring

And so you see why I’m so proud

They may be many and be loud

But Love I have for each one’s part

They are my Family and my heart~

Merry Christmas, Love Sheila

December 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

~Merry Christmas~Thank you Jason & Jill~

We all met at King's home for refreshing Christmas punch, ham, potatoes, Austin's fruit, Amy's cheese-ball, Paul & Shelly's caramel corn, a new delicious hot dip & lots of chips, gingerbread cookies and of course the "namino's!"  Jason & Jill had a real tree this year and it was beautiful & tall!!  The kids listened to Grandma tell about the gifts the Savior has given us - we talked about a service project we were doing as a family and then the kids got to change into their new Christmas pj's!  All that is except Katelyn, she prefers nighties!  The cousins enjoyed each other, we got to laugh at Jen & Nicky on the "Ellen Show" when they were dancing in the audience on a trip in September~~Jill had taped it!   So fun to get together!  We missed the Blanchard Jewkes and Kel & his family in Long Beach but knew they were having a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

~A Fun and Busy Week~

This has been a busy but fun week~Troy came into town for a flight to Florida last weekend - of course we made the usual LA & In&Out "double-double's" stops with siblings, neices and nephews~  Troy was joined by his little brother, Kelly for a couple of "LA" mexican dinners as well.  He returned to SLC saturday night and Kel & Stacey and the girls came over, we had lots of laughing when those two Jewkes' brothers get together!  Pearl really seems to like her Uncle Troy and gave him the best hug~ He is working on compelting his PGA class requirements held in Orlando and will return two more times this next year.  He was homesick for his family and should be there by the time of this post - 

While he was here he got to see his neice, Britney play soccer - now he realizes how good she is!

I had the fun opportunity to see two little granddaughters dance this week.  Wednesday, Katelyn showed her ballet skills as a five year old and she is a natural!  Saturday, Brooke had a Christmas recital and my goodness, Gram was bursting her buttons watching the beautiful talent she has worked so hard at all year.  

Next week all kids and "kids at heart" like me will enjoy the celebration of Christmas.  don't you just love when someone looks right into your eyes and wishes you a Merry Christmas?  I do! 

December 19th

Happy Birthday Jill!

I loved bringing home my little Christmas Angel 35 years ago....What a special time it was to rock you by the lights of the Christmas Tree while everyone else in the house was sound asleep~~You were so precious!

I love you sweet daughter~Many happy returns of this day!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~December 14th is Brookie-Day~

Happy Birthday Brooke,

So glad you came to earth eleven years ago

for your mom to have a cute daughter

and all of us to love!!

~Happy Anniversary Amy & Austin~

Happy Anniversary

Austin & Amy

December 14th

Monday, December 6, 2010

~Best Christmas Advice~

I hope everyone got a chance to hear President Uchtdorf's Christmas message last night.....
let's simplify and enjoy the treats, music and love of family at Christmas....we always say we will, but then start letting the hustle and bustle  get to us!!! (I know I do!)
When I remember the sweetest Christmas's of my life either as a child or adult it was enjoying being around the people I love the most~~laughing, eating & hugging!!!

*notice how eating is always in there?*

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am now a traffic sign

December 4th I entered my sixth decade of life!  (this really can't be happening)......."smile"

I went to lunch with Jen & Cor and Amy & Mom at Robintino's - then we all went out to the Hale Theatre and met up with Kel & Stacey to see A Christmas Carol.  The play was wonderful!  Thank you Stacey for getting the tickets all together!  wow - I love live theatre soooooooooooo much!  Hale Theatre probably has one of the best set designers around - it was amazing!  Afterwards we all went over to Amy's for cake and got some great pictures of families and grandkids with their 60 year old Gram~~Katelyn, Kelsey and Pearl helped Grandma open some lovely gifts and my favorite activity was hugging grandkids - I even got a big one from Derek.........I'm wearing him down!! ( smile )  Brooke got my waterworks going when she gave me a poem she had written - ah yes the writing talent is continuing on in the family!!  It was a great day~ I'm so glad I've had sixty super stupendous sensational years and the blessings that go with it!  Thank you fam for a wonderful birthday!!!     We missed Troy & Cher and family but plan to get together with them this summer for sure - since it will be Kaylee's turn to be baptised!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st must mean......

A good-looking Blonde is turning 10!!!

Happy Birthday