Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~First Snow!

I'm at my computer, writing a letter to a company who is interested in leasing some property in New York for oil/gas exploration................when suddenly someone walks by and says, "Have you looked outside?".....................and I'm transported to my childhood days at Bellview Elementary - ....yippee first snow!

I don't think adults are supposed to get excited about the first snow day, because we don't get off work for it, and we have to drive in it, but it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I'm sure I will get tired of it in time, but for today, it is beautiful fluffs swirling around a 12th floor window view! ~ I hope we all keep that inner child wonder at the change of seasons!

Christmas is in 8 weeks!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~Health Fair~

Church Employees have an annual health fair when we get to see how we are treating our bodies (smile) I really think it is to soften the blow with bad news about annual health insurance premiums going up! There are always a lot of little freebies, chapstick, key rings, pens, anything vendors are selling that they can put a logo on! Booths set up to test your vision, test your hearing, test your blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. When I compare some of the results I received today from eighteen months ago - I am a very happy camper! ok for posterity, blood pressure 96/50, glucose 89, cholesterol 192 ~~all in very desirable range!

It's really true, as you get older, health matters more! But it is kind of like overload sometimes, anti-oxidants, vitamins, exercise, water, and what is 8 hours of sleep? I haven't had that since 1973! ( smile ) oh well we all try~~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blanchard Family eats at Lorena's

Jen has some great shots on her blog of all of us going Mexican at "La"! Troy's favorite restaurant when he is in Utah! It was so fun to see Troy, Cherlyn, Kaylee, TJ & Michael! What a precious family they are~~

Troy made sure he ate there coming and going ~ he would like me to find a way to send him a smothered burrito by FEDEX ~~ we're still working on it!

hoping to get up there after the snow begins to melt in 2010~ there is an amazing beauty and peacefulness at Stoneridge. I forget all about stress from work when I'm there! TJ sang me the 50 states song without a hitch, Kaylee is loving her new school and first grade and Michael, well Michael is gorgeous, delicious and yummy!!! you get lost in those big blue eyes of his! Cherlyn and Troy have their hands full with these three but it is a good time in their lives!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~Austin's garden....

It's half way through October and I'm enjoying Lindsey tomatoes breakfast, lunch, dinner!!! I love home grown tomatoes, there is a taste, well that Albertsons' just can't match ever!!!

I love them sliced with scrambled eggs, in a salad with with balsamic & oil dressing and bacon/tomato sandwiches are to die for!! ... not to mention pizza goes to a whole different level with fresh sliced tomatoes on top!

So here goes a shout out to ole' Austin, he stuck with his garden plan going on a decade now and it has paid off. Tomatoes are delicious.....has anyone seen the home-grown GIANT pumpkins decorating their front porch? you have to maneuver around them to knock on the door!

He's definitely Mr. Green Jeans this year!!! thanks for the wonderful produce son-in-law!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~~Happy Birthday to Kelly~~

Well 26 years ago this guy made his appearance into the world!!
He was loved and oogled by his big brother and three sisters~~oh
did I mentioned probably spoiled as well! ~~

As people speak about the number of things they like about
a particular person, I think I will take liberty and mention at least
a few memories or traits Kelly has that I love about him!

1) His laugh: he usually teases you with such good nature, that
when he laughs, you do too!
2) His Testimony of the Gospel: Reading Kelly's letters when he
served a mission was like a special gift to the soul...He grew and
helped you see the Gospel as such a simple plan of joy, nothing less.
3) His love for Stacey & Pearl: Two brown-eyed girls in his
life mean everything to him! He lights up when they come into
the room!
4) His passion for BYU football, basketball and other sports
in that order...
5) His hard work and positive attitude never cease to impress me!
6) His level-thinking and helping me among others to "calm down and
take a breath, mom...."
7) His sincere, genuine interest in great books, great thoughts help to elevate
anyone he talks to.

1) My memories include a spiky-haired toddler in penguin pajamas carrying his bottle
in his teeth, deciding with whom in the house he will sleep tonight.
2) Terrorizing household cats
3) Riding down the hill fearlessly on big wheels with Danny Olsen
4) Dragging 2 x 4 lumber up the hill to add to the growing tree house with Danny Olsen
5) imitating the squeaky dryer
6) finding all my soda pop hiding places
7) first target practice hitting the Tracker windshield
8) his buddies eating pizza and fast foot downstairs in our Condo
9) getting me laughing in church
10) school dances, he was so cute!
11) His patriarchal blessing - amazing
12) Opening his mission call with all of his friends
13) Seeing him come down the escalator after two years!!
14) His love story with Stacey
15) Going to Lorena's
16) his face when Pearl was born
17) his beautiful smile and white teeth!
18) Calling me up at work, pretending to be someone else and then when I fall for it - hilarious laughter!!!

Happy Birthday Kelly, I'm so happy you are my son!