Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~He did it!~

Troy is one step closer to his dream!.......His two day 36 hole per day testing for Golf-Pro status was the first of this week in lovely Missoula, MT!!!  I talked to him while he was driving home to Idaho and he said it was not so taxing physically as it was mentally!  He was pretty pooped!  But HAPPY!!   Said he was putting "lights out"~ ( all you golfers must know what that means) (smile)  He's worked very hard for this and we are all sending a proud shout-out to him!  WAY TO GO TROY-BOY~

He said he still has over the next couple of years to complete some seminars in Florida  and written exams, but the really hard part is done!! yippee.......

Congratulations Son~.....and congratulations to your amazing wife and kiddos for all the support they have given you!!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

~Father's Day~

Well Violet was born on Mother's Day so it was only fitting she would be blessed on Father's Day!  She was blessed by her sweet daddy at her great-grandfather's home. ~ What a legacy of love~

Her Uncle Johnny was given the Melchizedek Priesthood just before and so he was able to surround her with her father, grandfather, great-grandfather and many more wonderful worthy men to bless and name her.

Stacey's sweet mom and aunts provided a delicious lunch and lots of pictures were taken of the newest Jewkes girl~   Violet and Pearl's wonderful Papa & Nana Bubert will be presiding over the Long Beach California Mission soon - so glad they were able to be here for this wonderful day!

Each time I see one of my little granddaughters or grandsons come to earth has been a joy beyond anything I could imagine.  Sometimes I think,"did we play together before we all came here to earth?", "did we sit and talk and hug and laugh together?"............I like to feel we did. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~It's a Very Happy Day~ Kaylee Jean Jewkes is 7!!


It is your day, kiddo!!!

June 23rd you made Troy and Cherlyn

 mom and dad!

I'm wishing you a wonderful day

It's so great to be turning 7!!!


~Happy Birthday~

watch your mailbox....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visiting the Jewkes Family in Idaho!

What a wonderful trip to go up through beautiful country in Montana and Idaho to see Troy, Cherlyn, Kaylee, TJ & Michael!  The Horton's took Grandma along and I thoroughly enjoyed traveling with them~We made enough "bladder & treat-stops" that made it very enjoyable ... you know..."easy travel".   It was so much fun to see the Jewkes family again!!  Their home is beautiful, on the first hole........... and Troy is literally a few steps from the clubhouse~~(not fair when you think of our commute here right folks?)  Kaylee and TJ have grown so much~Kaylee is proficient on the computer, while there she had an interest in both the Titanic and Alexander Graham Bell~~for a first grader, let's just say she really pulled the brains lever when she left Heaven!!!  She's read 46 AR books, the closest classmate to her had read 14 for the year!  TJ is equally bright and such a sweet face when he is explaining something to you.   We went to a matinee with the Horton Family while Kaylee was finishing up her last couple of days at school. He helped me when we played scategories and came up with some amazing words!!! TJ and I took Michael in the stroller for a nature walk and we really got into the nature, finally TJ said, "Grandma I think this is a dead end"............I agreed since the stroller was wider than the path!  We got the opportunity to see Kaylee do a talent show as an adorable cheerleader, what a great job she did and she and her little school chum were dressed in of course COUGAR BLUE!  Now about Michael, he is the splitting image of his dad at this age and also looks and acts so much like Mason did as a toddler.  Big blue eyes, so absolutely cute you want to eat him!!!  But, here is the deal....he likes the guys, and except for his mom, doesn't want any females feigning over him!!  They have to keep all the chairs around the table on their side as he is a climber of gigantic proportions!  His laugh is so cute- his favorite was Kobe!!  Cory, Mason, Kobe and Troy got lots of golf in~~The kids swam and we ate well!!!  Troy's signature chicken "hot" tacos and a new recipe Cherlyn invented with Chicken and Portuguese sausage that was delicious!  We had lots of watermelon each day, which is my favorite!  We played "catch phrase and even Kobe and Brooke were in on the action!!"  Cherlyn showed me some amazing coupon sites.  She is ggooooooooooooooddd at this..  she said it took her a lot of time to get it down but now she "coupons" like it was second nature!  All too soon it was time to pack up so Cory and I could be back at work the following Friday.  It is always hard to say goodbye to someone you won't see the very next day..........I'm so proud of Troy and the sweet and precious family he and Cherlyn are raising.  We drove the 12 hours home in one day coming back but it really wasn't bad.  Mason, Kobe and Brooke are pretty good travelers from their days as babies going back and  forth from Denver!!  With plenty of water, some cherries, cookies and sunflower seeds everyone seem to be happy!   I'm going to attempt to get some of the great pictures I caught onto my blog............we'll see...........I may need Jen and Stacey's assistance!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretty Pearl Pause on June 2nd

~ Happy Birthday Pearl ~

3 is a great age to be!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

~GO WASATCH~Memorial Weekend

Britney had a grandmother and a great-grandmother watching her team win on Saturday~  Even though we had to huddle under a blanket supplied by her mom~~ and it was "Rock Springs" like weather, she did great and all those amazing little girls didn't feel the cold at all with all that running around! 

Mom just returned from a wonderful visit with  my two sisters and all my nieces and nephews in Sacramento.  This from an open-heart patient just a few months ago!!!  ...I come from good stock!

Monday night, Lindsey's all went to see 3 Musketeers at the Hale Theatre, so soon to be 3 yr olds, little cousins' Kelsey and Pearl came over to Grandma's and we did it all!!!!.......ran in the grass outside, danced, popped popcorn, jumped, laughed, had some chocolate, watched videos - lots of fun!