Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~how great and grand is the Gospel!

Now everyone knows at work you have good and bad days.............I've had my share of both, but today is grand.  Across from my desk all day long receiving training on computer programs the church uses in its Natural Resources are two young men, probably in their late 20's or early 30's.  One is from Africa and one is from Hong Kong.  They are most pleasant and speak English beautifully albeit with their respective accents.  The light in their faces and enthusiasm as they glean information to help them in the work of the church in their nations is amazing to me.  I catch myself tearing up as I hear them discuss various issues.  The young man from Africa is planning on drilling his own well for his home use as well as for the meetinghouse he will be taking care of. 

Can anyone not believe this church is rolling across the world, it doesn't matter that the economy is down or Satan has unleashed his lies and profanity across the internet, the TRUTH just keeps rolling forward!  We all need to catch some of these new member's enthusiasm............and remember what we are a part of!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

~Happy Birthday Amy

She made me a mommy

and today her name is mommy too!!

Happy Birthday Amy! 

I love you so much and am so proud of you~as you take care of your sweet family!

Have a fantastic day - get a large diet coke - enjoy yourself!!!

Love you,


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Troy's canvas~

"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw
all the paint on it you can."
...Danny Kaye

It is 8:30 AM and 32 years ago at 7:30 AM ~ Troy-boy announced his arrival.  Of course he would come early in the morning because then he had the whole day to play!

Your love for life and wonderful laugh has always made you so much fun to be around~~Happy Birthday son-   So proud to be your mom and so proud of the man you are, taking care of your precious family!  I loved seeing you last week!

I tried to get the Chef at "LA" to fly up to Blanchard and prepare you some smothered burritos but.....they were detained somehow today?!!

~Happy Birthday Troy~

Friday, August 20, 2010

~Pearl and her cousins~

Troy, Cherlyn and kids stopped over on their way back home Thursday evening.  We went to dinner and Kaylee and I were sitting together in a booth, when Pearl came in with her family.  I think she thought, "hey that is my place",...........but she was so sweet and kept waving to us across the table!   Well she asked me if she could come to Grandma's house and of course I said yes..........but forgot to ask mom and dad and they were going to meet some friends for a movie in the park!  which sounded like lots of fun.  But a little three year old couldn't process all that and just saw Grandma putting other grandchildren in the car with her.  She was sad and so was I, but I knew she would be happy when she got to the park.  Kaylee and TJ and I were talking and to our great surprise when we pulled into the driveway there was the big white pickup and Pearl got to come to grandma's for a sleepover!!!  we were both relieved.....We had a lot of fun and when Troy was packing in the gang to head for home, Pearl came over and gave him a hug and said "bye bye Uncle Troy!" 

That night we ate watermelon (of course), drew pictures, colored and then when the lights went out - I went into my list of every song learned in Primary~~~~when that was over, Pearl was asleep and we had a good night's rest!   The next morning I got up early and did some medical transcription while she slept, then when she woke up we had a bowl of cheerios together.

~There are good movies!~

I recently saw three wonderful video's..............Something the Lord Made, The Blue Butterfly and Temple Grandin.   Please if you want to see true inspiring heroes, rent any one of these and prepare for an uplifting evening's entertainment.

Something the Lord Made is about Dr. Alfred Blalock, a heart surgeon at John Hopkins who works with Vivien Thomas, a carpenter and develops the time-tested surgery to help "blue babies" in the 1950's, still used today saving many infants lives.  This is a story of a white prideful physician and a black man with an amazing inquisitive mind. 

The Blue Butterfly is about a ten year old's request to go into the Amazon looking for the blue moroph butterfly with a world famous entomologist.  The problem is that he is suffering from brain cancer, this is a true story and even kids will love this filmed in the rain forest.  ( great ending!)

Temple Grandin is about a woman diagnosed with Autism in the 1950's who went on to earn her BA, MA and PHD in animal husbandry/science.  She invented amazing machinery used in the cattle industry, is an author and teaches today at the University of Colorado. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

~The Incredibles hit North Salt Lake~

Troy is on his way to Las Vegas for the Pro-Golf Expo.  This is handy because Grandpa Jewkes lives there as well as Cherlyn's sister, Melanie and her family.   It was wonderful to spend some time with their family!  Great-Grandma Perkins came down and we all went to ....where else..... "LA" for dinner and then back to grandma's house for ice cream.   It's always great to get all these brothers and sisters together and hear the stories!~enjoy the laughter and memories.  What beautiful grandchildren have come through all these families!
Michael has changed since June, is talking much more now and the Incredibles got to meet Miss Violet!  Michael was quite infatuated with "beebee"'s eyes, nose, mouth, etc. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

~Happy 30th Birthday Jennifer Jewkes Horton~

Land Sakes Alive Can Jenny Be 30?

8-8-80 brought a short labor by previous standards only six hours.....and baby Jennifer came....but it really can't be thirty years ago?  How is that possible?

Jen, I love being your Mom and having your light in our family!!!

Thank you for your wonderful and loving example to your own children~

Happy Birthday Sweetie-

Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6, 1933

Happy Birthday Mom,

77 years ago you made Clyde & Lucille very very happy!!   Gosh I'm glad they gave you a name like Barbara.....With Grandpa & Grandma Lacey's Christian names, it could have been a lot worse!!!(smile)

I hope your day is wonderful~ Happy Happy Birthday
and many happy returns!!!
...so proud of your recovery from open-heart surgery six months ago!

love you,

your "firstborn"