Friday, April 30, 2010

~Jenny's brains are exposed~

Jennifer passed her state phlebotomy certification and will hear in 30 days from her national results after taking a 120 question test and missing only four!!!   Maybe she will now believe me when Ive always told her how smart she is!  She is one of the top five students that took this accelerated course.  She's going onto IV training next and maybe EMT certification.     Do I hear perhaps a nursing career?........(smile)  jk, Jen no pressure........I know you have a full plate getting those kiddos back and forth to their activities!!

but I'm really really proud of you!   ...    and proud that Cory finally let you practice on him with a "stick"!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everyone and Anyone who likes sports-updates or anything to do with UofU, BYU, Jazz and pro/college football, basketball, don't walk to

Kelly and two of his buddies have blasted the sports market with this amazing and entertaining sports website

Try it out, it will become an addiction!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~Happy Birthday Dash~....alias T. J.

A little Jewkes boy was born five years ago!!!! You were so cute and cuddly, T.J.

I saw pictures of your recent Star Wars Birthday party --WOW  what a blow-out you had!  So many friends and even Darth Vader showing up!!!

I love you sooooooo much~

Remember when you slept with me the last time you were at my house and told me things you like to do and books you like to read~~ You are very smart, doing so well in school this year.....and such a help to your big sister and little brother and to your mom and dad!    I hear you are quite an amazing bike rider on the bike you got for Christmas - and of course have a great golf swing!!

Happy Birthday T. J.     I hope you have a great day and eat lots of cake and ice cream today!!!!

love you!!!! Grandma Jewkes

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Cherlyn!!

Happy Birthday to a darling wife & mom - who lets her husband act like the 4th kid at their son's birthday party!!

I'm so glad you can blog now ~ being far away from your precious family the blogs keep us all laughing and knowing about what is going on in the Jewkes family up there in Idaho!!

I hope your day is a very special one~~ you are probably exhausted today from that adventure you all experienced Saturday  but your kids will never forget that memory!!!

Tell Darth to take you out and let you have all the Ranch dressing you want !!!  ( smile )

I love you Cherlyn - Hope your day is wonderful!!!

Jake turns thirteen~April 25th

Sharing some thoughts for my teenage grandson.............

I know you will be kind, funny, wise, sensitive, interesting, and a ball of fire!
Your parents are all of these things.

I wish you happy, happy days!! You will have some bad days, yes.
They are important so you can appreciate the good ones.
There will be disappointments; I know you will be able to handle them.

...."Life is 10% of what happens and 90% how you handle it"...

I pray you learn about humility, that honesty is the best policy, and that doing
a hard days work will always make you feel better.

Be a loyal friend, one people can count on and trust. I know you will use all of these wonderful things you possess to make yourself and the world around you a beter place to live in.

Continue to learn about the "spiritual stuff", it really works, trust me.

Happy Birthday Jake, I love you.....Gram J.

Monday, April 12, 2010

~Sacramento Baptism!~

My 11 yr old great-niece, Cheryl Lynn was baptised Saturday April 10th by my Dad and her great-grandfather in Orangeville, California.  Cheryl Lynn's wonderful grandma, Cheryl Lee, my little sister was so touched and now is working towards her own baptism.  Cheryl's husband who has now been introduced to the Church will be baptised in May of this year.  This is truly a wonderful miracle because Cheryl Lee will be such an asset to her ward!  She is a wonderful woman and has the biggest heart this side of Texas!

Congratulations Cheryl Lynn, I'm so proud of you and happy that you know how much the Savior loves you~Dede (sp) a beehive-aged girl that Cheryl has living with them also joined the Church on Saturday as well.  This little girl has a very sad home life and Cheryl has taken her into their family to live. 

Isn't it wonderful to see how the Gospel can change lives!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

`The Lindsey Rat~

If your ratty gets all scatty 'cos his coat is getting matty
And he's acting kinda batty now he doesn't look so natty
If he starts to get all chatty and to voice pratty demands
Then beware!  You've got a bratty tatty ratty on your hands.

If your buck has had no luck getting his lazy butt unstuck
And you pluck him from his hammock to a chorus of "You suck!"
If his flaccid furry form is in a squishy slug disguise
Then it's right to get this roly rotund rat some exercise.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~Fiddler on the Roof~

Had a wonderful evening last night at Hale's Theatre~~~courtesy of the Bubert Family!  Kelly is nursing a cold....or so he says.....I think he just wanted to spend some time at home with Pearl! ~~~so I got the use of his ticket to see an amazing show!  The sets, music, voices and acting were far beyond any production of this show I had seen in years past!  It was wonderful, brought tears and laughter to the audience as the story unfolded of three daughters who love their father but then fall in love and begin the journey of leaving home to start their own families.  I think every daughter can relate!

The song, Sunrise, Sunset always gets to me, as that was sung at my own wedding by J. Delos Jewkes, a grandpa in his late 70's!!!  I know look at my own children with "babes of their own" and realize how the circle of life continues to unfold!

We all need to forgo some of the atrocious movies out there and support the Arts with the high caliber of productions in this area!!!   ....anyway that is one women's soapbox opinion....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

~won the Publisher's Clearinghouse~ $10K!!!

I'm going to Jerusalem at the end of the month!!!  Now you all know this has been a dream for a long time~ well I ordered Prevention Magazine and Reader's Digest through the Publisher's clearinghouse sweepstakes...............yeah, yeah, I know no one really wins~~~but my windfall came just a few minutes ago------------a phone call saying I hadn't won the million dollar package but $10 grand was heading my way!!!  yippee I thought, Jerusalem trip, shopping with the grandkids  wow , oh and some major bills paid as well!! 

I'll let you know more when they deliver the balloons and big check to me later today!

love you all!!

                                                   Happy April Fools!!!