Friday, January 28, 2011

~Maegan BOWLS'em over

I watched Maegan bowl tonight in preparing for the state finals.....I couldn't believe it!  Maegan spot bowls~something my dad tried to teach me for years~~~~She's amazing!  Katelyn was one of her partners and did a great job herself~

Let me tell you about Maegan Hope's technique.....
1)  pick up custom made pink bowling ball with the smallest holes drilled into it you have ever seen
2)  stand back and eye the shot
3)  run toward the line and throw the bowling ball on the spot ( notice I didn't say roll it )
4)  stand there and watch and will it to go straight toward the "sweet place"
5)  SUCCESS - turn and accept the applause with her famous smile!

~worth watching~

If you have about five minutes and feel like hearing a great sermon.....go to
UTUBE : little girl telling the story of Jonah"

I know her vocation when she grows up will be a Baptist Preacher!  she's awesome!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~Mason's courage

Hey Bud - I know you are probably under the knife right now```but when you wake up know that everyone is praying for you and WE LOVE YOU!!!!

I know it's not fun to have to have surgery on your arm, but the swimming, baseball, basketball and yes, even snow-boarding will need a good strong arm -

Lots of prayers coming your way! 

love you so much,


Monday, January 10, 2011


The four Lindsey girls and Pearl came over for a New Year's sleepover at Gram's last Friday night.  We had so much fun and did very little sleeping~~~(smile) - toenails were painted, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers/Singing In the Rain/Horton Gives A Who were all watched, popcorn was popped, root beer was drank, Hershey bars were devoured and even 3 large apples all cut up and peeled were munched on to the last piece!!  But the highlight of the evening's festivities was Charades!  These five little girls are incredible!!!  We guessed all the princess movies, Disney and then went onto members of our families - let me tell you both the acting and the guessing were amazing!!  We were all laughing so hard as we guessed who they were imitating~ Believe me parents and older siblings, these little girls are watching you!  Around 1:30 AM Maegan, Kelsey and Kate were out, but Pearl and Emma's eyes were wide open.  I turned out the lights and turned on a DVD of our primary kids singing primary songs - we listened twice through and then I heard the sweet sound of little girls finally succumbing to the Sand Man!     If I hadn't been afraid a flash would have woke them all up, I would have taken a picture.  The dreams of the innocent - so PRECIOUS!!!