Monday, February 28, 2011

~please come in like a LAMB~

Amy's recuperating from surgery, Jenny has "Shingles" - yes!  ... and ... & Stacey, Violet & Pearl are recovering from that famous friend to all of us, the 24 hr FLU!!!

Goodby February, we want some nice, spring weather~~I feel like a slug because in the snow and slush and February doldrums I can't well I guess that is more like I don't get out and walk like I should.  I have a friend at work that has horrible foot problems and can't walk, so I feel especially guilty not using the great orthotics I swear by and MOVE~~~is it too late for a March 2011 new year resolution?.....walking is wonderful! and with an IPOD you can walk to rhythm or listen to talks, it's pretty amazing what we enjoy today~~

Wishing all an end of winter illnesses and better health ahead~ I just read where ZINC is great for almost anything that gets you down~

Reading Divine Signatures by Gerald Lund - I'll share my copy with anyone who would like to read it!
It is wonderful! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

~Cher & kids visit~

what a surprise last Friday to hear from Cherlyn~  she and the kids came through Salt Lake with her folks and we had a great 24 hours visit.  In memory of Troy ( who was doing a golf show in Spokane ) we hit "LA" and "in & out"   just to make him jealous!!! ( smile )

Michael is a hoot and the source of entertainment and Kaylee and TJ have gotten soooooooo tall, all my grandkids will pass me up shortly!   Stacey got some great action shots and we had so much visiting with them while they were here!

love you Idaho fam!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~it's been quite a few days~~~~~~

For the last week or so a dire cancer diagnosis has been looming for my niece, Lindsay.  She is my sister Cheryl's firstborn and a 31 year old wife and mother.  Our family united our prayers and faith on her behalf.  We all fasted last Sunday and mom flew out to California to be with Cheryl and Lindsay.   My wonderful father and Judy drove to Sacramento from Oregon.  Dad and Leon Felt, Nola's husband and dear friend gave powerful priesthood blessings to Lindsay and to her mom, who was beside herself at the thought of losing her daughter.  We waited for a specialist who was flying in to see her, praying and pleading that our faith would be answered.  Dad called and told me that all we could do now is leave it in the Lord's hands.  I kept thinking of hands, the Savior's hand touched a blind man and his eyes became whole, a suffering woman with a disease over twelve years touched the hem of his robe with her hand and was healed.  I knew that His power and mercy could be manifest in Lindsay, but also that He knew the end from the beginning and we had to trust Him.     After a long exam and conference with the specialist yesterday, the cancer grade was downgraded and a much more favorable outcome and diagnosis was given Lindsay.    On the phone talking with Cheryl we both acknowledged that exercising faith in the Lord Jesus Christ from so many and the power of the priesthood had literally changed the grade of cancer.    Miracles do occur just as when the Master walked on the earth.  His tender mercies are evident in so many ways in our lives.   We try as imperfectly as only we can to put our faith and desires into his capable hands.  The blessing of renewed and increased faith and strength is often the result.    As I hung up the phone with my sister, I was overcome with tears of humble gratitude for His goodness, His care, and His love for each one of us.   


My firstborn had some surgery today.  I know she is hurting.  When I got her three oldest off to school this morning, there was a note on the fridge from her telling them that "Mom loves you!"   even though she wasn't there, Emma wrote back on the note...."We love you too, Mom!"     We'll take good care of you Amy, you'll feel better in a few weeks~~~We all love you and pray for your recovery. 


I team-teach in Primary with Sister Fuller, a neat neat lady in her 70's that returned a year ago from a Boston, Massachusetts mission.  Zelda and I love our little 8-10 yrs olds and we have enjoyed teaching them last year about Old Testament Prophets and this year about the Savior's life.   I just got word that she passed away quite unexpectedly - She will be very much missed by our Primary class - I had just talked to her a couple of days ago and she said she thought she was feeling better......still quite a shock that her lovely smiling face won't be there with our class singing those beautiful Primary songs. 

Monday, February 21, 2011


Happy Birthday Cory,
Love your "Cougar-Blue" Loyalty

Your hard work
to take care of your family so well

Your "silent laugh", generosity,
love for my little girl and
example of the Gospel
 you teach your children every day! 

You're the best!!!

love you - have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flowers are always pretty nifty

I'm enjoying a bouquet of colorful daisies that a little Valentine named Pearl brought to my door~~
being the "single lady" that I am and
no suitors in sight it is awfully nice
to see these pretty flowers greet me
everytime I come into the room!
*****I think no matter how old you get,
flowers always make a female smile!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Got to spend the weekend with the King kiddies---Devin drew me a heart and a BEAUTIFUL VALENTINE note - he has the sweetest heart beating inside that little first grader!

I went bowling with Devin & Derek while Britney went to see "Justin Beber"'s movie with her friend Bailey and Bailey's mom.  Devin bowled 108, Derek 77 and grandma pulled up with a 75 ~ I don't think the Bowling circuit is nervous at all!  But we had so much fun~

Sunday we all went to hear the Horton family speak at sacrament meeting.  They did an amazing job talking on family values and raising children with faith to help them during these difficult times.  I was so proud of each of them.  They bore pure testimony that the only way we can give our children the power and faith they will need as they face life's challenges is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Hope all have a wonderful Valentine's Day and keep LOVE going & growing!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

~Steelers are "Packed-in"!

Big Super Bowl party last night at Horton's - lots of fun, family and FOOD!  Jenny had made everything - and I mean everything, little smokies, meatball subs, deli meats, chips, pasta salad --then along came Stacey's choc-mint fudge, choc chip cookies, apple/snicker salad, Amy's artichoke dip, and add to that cilantro/sausage, German chocolate cake and ice cream and yes, you have a Food-Fest!  The kids had fun, the men cheered, we all got to visit and enjoy wonderful tasty dishes - Brookie wasn't feeling well, but she is such a sport and came out and laid down to be with us!!!  We love you Brooke, hope today is better!

We missed Jason who was getting his "Fall hunting schedules ironed out"  .... you missed some great dishes - but we sent home one of his favorites 7 layer dip!