Friday, June 29, 2012


Each fall, thousands of starlings dance in the twilight above England and Scotland .
The birds gather in shape-shifting flocks called murmurations, having migrated in the millions from Russia and Scandinavia to escape winter’s frigid bite. Scientists aren’t sure how they do it, either.

The starlings' murmurations are manifestations of swarm intelligence, which in different contexts is practiced by schools of fish, swarms of bees and colonies of ants. As far as I am aware, even complex algorithmic models haven’t yet explained the starlings’ aerobatics, which rely on the tiny birds' quicksilver reaction time of under 100 milliseconds to avoid aerial collisions—and predators—in the giant flock.
Two young women were out for a late afternoon canoe ride and fortunately one of them remembered to bring her video camera .
What they saw was a wonderful murmuration display, caught in the short video...
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Monday, June 25, 2012

June 23rd~

Happy Birthday

to my Little June-Bug


Thursday, June 21, 2012


Cherylee my little sister by 11 years...........drove here with six of her grandchildren for a couple of days just to visit with Mom and her grandkids' Great-Grandma Perkins~~
We took Mom and all went to Zupa's and visited Tuesday night, she is an amazing gal--

she had them from 16 down to 2 1/2!!!
She is a smart gal too, swam them at Motel 6 - so they slept very well!

People talk about "self-made" men, but my sister is a "self-made" WOMAN!
She doesn't know the meaning of defeat....she's started many businesses and has been very successful.  One of her daughters told me she could sell ice cubes to Eskimos! (smile)

But the other side of her is the biggest heart outside of Texas.  She is a generous and amazing lady.  I'm proud of her and know the Lord looks fondly at someone who helps so many!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
Clayton R. Hassell!!!

I love you Dad!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jerusalem in Utah County?

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit the Goshen, UT BYU movie lot of Jerusalem.  I doubled down on Tylenol and laced up my tennis shoes tight because it was a lot of walking but oh, I wouldn't have missed it for all the world!  As many know on my bucket list is a trip to the Holy Land~~well I got an amazing preview right here in Utah!  Our Natural Resources staff was allowed to take a tour of this ~ we were there for three hours and I could have stayed another three~~ We saw sites where many of the previous movies on the Savior's life had been filmed as well as those built for a future movie on His life.  A good walk away we saw "Gethsemane", Garden Tomb, Golgotha which was incredibly built up on a cliff.....As our tour guide/sculptor showed us, much of the set's walls are made of sculpting dense Styrofoam and then placing some special cement over it.........this looks like real stone, or rocks..they expect to have this functioning for at least another 20 years and will keep adding to it.  The pillars on the porch of Solomon's temple was at least 1/2 a football field long, Solomon demanded a type of designer stone that common people could not use, all the stone used in the temple had to be carved around the edges like a special frame on them, the pool of Bethesda and the dusty road to Emaus ....  it was so incredible and like stepping back in time, the narrow little streets with doorways we had to duck to go into, the big thick wooden doors, aged with rusty hinges, the room where they filmed the raising of Jarius's daughter.....the balcony where Pilate looked down on the Savior.....the well where the Savior talked with the Samaritan woman...Our guide told us that the directors would walk all over and a lot of inspiration was given to where a set should be built and how..........the gnarled and twisted trunks on the olive trees in Gethsemane consisted of a process that was taught to the sculptors how to achieve, and they look so real!~~As we prepared to leave, they told us that tours were coming to an end for a long time now because of the filming schedule ~~ so we felt very fortunate and grateful we were able to see it. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

another weekend come and gone............

Babied my hurt foot this weekend............lots of elevated foot/comfortable chair time............but it was nice to read and read and catch some TV as well.  I think it was well worth it, because I've been very blessed as I'm able now to just limp a little and throw the crutches away! (smile)  So grateful because it could have been much worse!  got to see Pearl's dance recital on Saturday, have some good phone conversation with both Dad & Mom  and watched again a wonderful film called "Fireproof" from Netflicks~~recommend it to every married couple ~~ it was really good!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pearl turns 5 on June 2nd

I watched Horton kids while mom and dad a little R&R over the weekend..........Brooke, Kobe and I went down to Pearl's party.............Her cake was truly gourmet that she asked Mom to fix according to a cooking show!!!.........only Stacey would have attempted it with chocolate curls and all........delicious!

She got her birthday wish of a pink guitar and played for us just like her idol, Taylor Swift

FUN, FUN, FUN............Violet of course helped with everything including blowing out the #5 birthday candle~~

I think Pearl had a great week, she had both a California & a Utah birthday celebration this year!

Friday, June 1, 2012

June is busting out all over~~

June 1st~~~where did the first six months of 2012 go to?

Either life is traveling fast, or I'm on constant speed-dial~~!!

Mom, (Grandma Perkins), has been trying to save her foot now since last October.  This has been a trying time for her but she is hanging tough and I want her to know many many prayers are going up for her to have peace with whatever decision these health issues bring to fruition~~

I never realized how tiring it must be for her, because it is extremely tiring for me just watching what she has to go through.

What is that saying.........."old age ain't for sissies".......

true, oh so true!!